10 minutes of exercise a week makes you live longer

10 minutes. It’s the time it takes to mop the floor or write a shopping list, so it seems that practicing for this small amount of time would hardly be worth it. And yet, a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that exercising for only 10 minutes a week is linked to a longer life.

It also does not have to be a high-intensity exercise. The large, observational study found that relaxed physical activity such as dancing, gardening, or walking – even for a short time a week – is associated with a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cancer, or whatever cause.

The survey data followed 88,140 people aged 40-85 years and compared to people inactive, those who participated in moderate physical activities for only 10-59 minutes per week had an 18% lower risk of death. Although the health benefits multiplied, the more exercise people did, and the more intensely they did, the greater the health benefits.

The takeaway: doing some exercises, even when pruning the roses, is always better than nothing.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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