1000 Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton has lost weight since her first wedding but she’s still stressed

1000 Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton has lost weight since her first wedding but she’s still stressed

The star of the 1000 Lb Sisters Amy Slaton is already married. Her full name is Amy Slaton-Halterman. But she has decided to get married again since her first marriage took place in court. And, fans can see the second one on the TLC show. This time, she orders a nice dress because she can’t find one on the shelf that fits her. But since she weighs about 400 pounds, she can’t be sure it will fit her, so she gets stressed.

‘1000 Lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton has lost weight since her first wedding but she’s still stressed

TV Shows Ace show reported that Amy Slaton and her sister Tammy seem to have lost a lot of weight. Photos on their social media have emerged showing that they look much smaller than when fans first saw them on the show. Recently, fans have also heard that Tammy has found a boyfriend, so things are going well for the duo. But, when you weigh that much, weight loss can also bring stress, apparently.

The Blast has noticed that Amy Slaton and her husband Michael are already married in court. But the rest of her family, including her sister Tammy, couldn’t make it. Understandably, this could also be due to the fact that Tammy can’t move easily, even if the details haven’t emerged yet. In fact, Tammy recently posted on YouTube and explained to her that these days she is moving without her walker, but she has twisted her knee. Hopefully some weight loss will help the 1000 LB Sisters star enjoy her second wedding.

The dress that makes Amy Slaton stress

In the wedding preview, it shows how discouraged Amy Slaton feels. After all, she went out and bought a wedding dress, but “nobody fit her,” she said. With her wiggling and her sucking, and trying to force the zips, she couldn’t get her into one of these. Trying on one dress after another, it seemed like nothing fit Amy. At one point, the store clerk said she thought Amy was “stuck” inside a dress.

Well, for people struggling to find a decent fit, those moments are often terrible. Luckily these days, a lot of stores turn to older people. But, for poor Amy Slaton, no luck has worked in her favor. So, she decided that ordering a custom-made dress might be the answer for her. But, this also brought some troubling moments for Amy Slaton. The star of the 1000 LB Sisters said, “Even if it fits me, will it fit me? Well, it looks good on her and her dress looks very good on her. So, hopefully the rest of the wedding will fit her just as well.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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