1000-lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton’s Weight Led To Depression

1000-lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton’s Weight Led To Depression

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaton may have some issues with her mental health these days. We’ve seen her and her sister, Amy Slaton Halterman, on the show and doing their best to keep their weight under control.

They have been working hard to lose weight and go on a diet, but Tammy Slaton’s health has been a concern for many of her fans and family. With her doctor telling her she may not live another five years, life has been tough. She is now reflecting on her mental health.

When we gain weight, it can sometimes be stressful and make us feel depressed. This is normal and Tammy Slaton has talked more about her mental health.

In 2019, she told fans she tried to kill herself because she felt the weight she was gaining was killing her. She doesn’t think she’ll live past the age of 35 if she doesn’t start losing weight.

Tammy Slaton’s family has also caused her a lot of mental distress. When she was growing up, her mother was absent and her grandmother took care of her and her sister quite a bit. They became very close, but when she died, things just got worse for them both. They had to fend for themselves when it came to nutrition and healthy choices were not an option for them. Their grandmother’s death was part of the reason for their overeating.

1000-lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton’s Weight Led To Depression

Since joining the show, Tammy Slaton has revealed that things have changed for her. She said she now doesn’t mind going out in public and showing off her body. She doesn’t hide like she used to and has gained confidence.

When Tammy was diagnosed with COVID, it seems her health took a turn for the worse. She is now recovering from it and is happy for the new season. She hopes to stay on her weight loss journey and we hope for her health’s sake she will too.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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