1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Refuses Help and Fractures Family Bonds

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Refuses Help and Fractures Family Bonds

Tammy Slaton, star of TLC’s 1000-Lb Sisters, was set to leave the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation facility four weeks after her gastric sleeve procedure. However, on the latest episode of the show, Tammy’s plans were derailed when her family received a call saying she couldn’t come home. Tammy, who had lost 40 pounds in just four weeks, was devastated by the news.

According to the show, Tammy had been planning to move into her sister Amanda Halterman’s old place and prove that she could continue her weight loss journey outside of the rehab facility. But now, it’s unclear when or if Tammy will be able to leave rehab.

On the latest episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton’s family received devastating news that she couldn’t come home due to a tracheostomy infection. Chris Combs, Tammy’s brother, had to pull over the car when he received the call from the rehab facility. He then called Amy Slaton to inform her of the situation.

The family was concerned about how they could support Tammy’s medical needs if she were to come home. They all got together to discuss her care, but it became clear that none of them were trained in trach care. Amanda, Tammy’s sister, said she couldn’t miss work to get trained, and Misty Slaton admitted they didn’t know how to deal with clogs in the trach or suction it out. Their mother said none of them were nurses and didn’t know how to care for Tammy’s medical needs.

The family’s inability to care for Tammy left them all feeling helpless and worried about her future.

Tammy Slaton’s family faces a difficult decision as she wants to leave rehab to come home but has a trach infection that requires skilled care. Her siblings get together to discuss taking care of her, but none of them are trained to deal with tracheostomy care. Tammy persists in wanting to come home and curses at her family during a FaceTime call when they suggest finding a facility closer to home. Chris Combs suggests a compromise, but Tammy insists she has a choice and will check herself out to take care of herself since they won’t help her. Her family asks why she’s being so hateful, but Tammy rages about how hard it is to be stuck in rehab.

Despite her setback, Tammy has lost 40 pounds and plans to rent her sister’s old place to prove she can do this without rehab. Chris and Brittany Combs pick her up after six weeks post-op, but the rehab facility calls with terrible news. Tammy’s trach infection needs IV antibiotics for ten days, and she can’t come home. Tammy’s siblings worry about how they’ll support her medical needs, and none of them are ready to commit to nursing her full-time.

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Refuses Help and Fractures Family Bonds

In the latest episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton’s tracheostomy infection has left her siblings grappling with the dilemma of her care. Tammy’s desire to come home and her siblings’ inability to provide the necessary care has led to heated exchanges between them. They discuss options and suggest finding a facility closer to home, but Tammy insists on checking herself out.

During a FaceTime call, Tammy curses at her siblings, leading to frustration and anger from the family. Amanda expresses her frustration and admits that Tammy may see them as selfish, but her attitude is “disrespectful and rude”. Chris acknowledges that they are in a difficult position and wonders what the point of bringing her home would be if she gets sick again.

Despite the family’s concerns and frustrations, Tammy insists on coming home. However, her siblings are not trained to provide 24/7 care, and they fear that her health may deteriorate if they bring her home. The situation has reached a boiling point, and the family is struggling to find a middle ground to provide the best care for Tammy.

Tammy Slaton, in a moment of self-reflection, admits that she can be difficult to deal with, but she also asserts that she deserves respect. Tammy reveals that her family had promised to get trained to care for her trach but backed out, leaving her with no other option. She acknowledges that she needs to stay in rehab until the trach is removed, and she decides to try even harder. Tammy becomes emotional, crying and admitting that her family’s actions had hurt her deeply.

This scene took place last year, and Tammy remained in rehab for months after the episode was filmed. Currently, Tammy is back home after an extended stay at the rehab facility. Tammy’s desire for respect and her acknowledgment of her own shortcomings illustrate the complexity of her situation, as she struggles to manage her health and her relationships with her family.

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