1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton’s Home Robbed – Everything Stolen While in Rehab

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton's Home Robbed - Everything Stolen While in Rehab

Tammy and Amy Slaton, stars of TLC’s “1000 Lb Sisters,” have had their share of drama. The fourth season of their show features a shocking reveal about Tammy’s home being robbed while she was in rehab in Ohio. It is unknown how the Slaton family reacted to the incident and how they broke the news to Tammy.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton’s Home Robbed – Everything Stolen While in Rehab

Tammy Slaton of TLC’s “1000 Lb Sisters” is currently in rehab in Ohio, focused on losing weight after relapsing multiple times in past seasons. Meanwhile, her sisters Amanda and Misty went to her house in Kentucky to fetch some items for her and were shocked to find that it had been robbed. A lot of items, including the kitchen and bathroom sinks, the table, and the water heater, were missing.

Amanda and Misty called Amy to tell her about the incident and expressed their fear of breaking the news to Tammy Slaton, who was already going through a lot. The sisters concluded that they must file a police report, but were unsure of how to break the news to Tammy, as they didn’t want her to come back to a house that had been invaded and robbed.

They hoped to figure out how to tell Tammy about the situation, as they were concerned about how she would react to the news.

The 1000 Lb Sisters viewers found out that Tammy Slaton’s younger sister, Amy, was paying for Tammy’s rent. This sparked speculation about Tammy’s dependence on others for basic needs and sparked questions about if she was developmentally disabled. Last season, Tammy’s half-sibling, Chris Combs, joked about making her a ward of the state, and her sister Misty had suggested putting her in a state home before Tammy decided to go to a weight loss facility. Tammy’s reliance on others, including a nurse and manual wheelchair, has led to speculation about her level of independence.

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