1000-Lb Sisters Tammy Slaton’s Weight Loss and New Relationship Spark Family Drama

1000-Lb Sister Tammy Slaton's Weight Loss and New Relationship Spark Family Drama

1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has been in the news again, this time due to her relationship with Caleb Willingham. The two met online, and after a short period of time talking, Caleb proposed to Tammy. However, her family was not thrilled about the news.

Tammy and Caleb have been getting to know each other for the past couple of weeks, and Caleb surprised her by showing up at the bingo hall where she was playing with friends. He claimed that Tammy had saved his life the other day when he was out of oxygen and had tears rolling down his face.

When Tammy asked why Caleb was at the facility, he said it was because of her. A friend’s wife found the place on social media and saw that Tammy was there. Daniel, another friend, called it “stalker vibes,” but Tammy was not upset about it.

Caleb said that he wants to be a “skinny b*tch,” and Ray, another pal, noticed the sparks flying between Tammy and Caleb, despite their attempts to hide their flirtation.

The 1000-Lb Sisters star has had a tumultuous relationship with her family, and she told her friend Nathaniel that she has not forgiven them for their last big fight.

1000-Lb Sisters stars Amy and Chris Combs, along with their nephew Gage and friend Amanda, visit a pumpkin patch. Amy leaves her son Glenn with Michael’s mom while they enjoy the activities.

While playing in a sandbox full of corn kernels, the family talks about Tammy Slaton and remarks that she has been quiet and calm lately, which is unusual for her.

Chris asks Amy about Michael Halterman’s help with the boys, and she says that he primarily takes care of Gage while she deals with Glenn. He also asks about her diet, and she says she has been instructed to lose 20 pounds by her doctor and has lost 5 pounds so far. However, Amanda criticizes her exercise routine, saying it is not an efficient way to lose weight. Amanda also reveals that her divorce was finalized in August.

1000-Lb Sister Tammy Slaton’s Weight Loss and New Relationship Spark Family Drama

The 1000-Lb Sisters family discusses Tammy’s weight loss journey, with her going from 700 lbs to 465. They also talk about her new boyfriend Caleb, who Amanda reveals to be her “boo thing.” However, Amy expresses her disapproval of their relationship and thinks they should just remain friends.

The family is upset about finding out about the relationship through social media and wishes Tammy had told them about it. Amy is worried about Tammy’s focus on her weight and mental health, and Chris reminds them that Tammy’s trach should be removed soon. They wonder why she would start a new relationship when she’s about to come home.

Amy mentions that Tammy doesn’t have the best track record with men and has been treated poorly in the past. She hopes Tammy will focus on her own well-being before diving into a new relationship.

In the latest episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton revealed that she has been dating Caleb Willingham for two weeks. The reality TV star shared that Caleb is different from the guys she usually dates, as she tends to go for skinny bad guys. However, she wants to give Caleb a chance. When asked about their first kiss, Caleb said that it was an earth-moving experience, and Tammy blushed and giggled in response. The couple seems to be hitting it off, but Tammy’s family is not too thrilled about the relationship, as they feel she should focus on her weight and mental health first.

Caleb, who has been on his own weight loss journey, shared that he has struggled with his weight since his mother’s death when he was 17 years old. He gained even more weight after his father passed away in 2006 and said that he felt like “every single person he loved” got taken away from him. At his heaviest, he weighed over 700 pounds and considered suicide. However, he has since lost over 200 pounds and is around 480 pounds now.

Despite their concerns, Tammy and Caleb seem to be enjoying each other’s company, and Caleb thinks that Tammy would make a great wife and mother. Tammy even made Caleb hot chocolate, which he says is his favorite when she makes it because she makes it with love.

However, Tammy’s family is still worried that she may not be making the best decisions when it comes to men. They feel that Tammy has a history of not making the best choices and that she needs to focus on her health and well-being first. Only time will tell if Tammy and Caleb’s relationship will last or if Tammy will refocus her attention on her weight loss journey.

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