1000-lb Sisters: Why Did Tammy Slaton Miss Amy Slaton’s Wedding?

1000-lb Sisters: Why Did Tammy Slaton Miss Amy Slaton’s Wedding?

TLC’s ‘1000-lb Sisters’ is the latest mega-hit documenting the fascinating lives of people living on the margins of society. The show follows sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton, who originally found fame by sharing their daily lives on YouTube, and whose combined weight of nearly 1,000 pounds has proved irresistible to fans like My 600-lb Life.

Viewership grew so much for the second season that fans petitioned for a third season to go ahead, reports CheatSheet, with’s petition claiming it is many people’s favourite show. 

The producers were clearly paying attention, with TLC SVP of Production and Development Alon Orstein telling Deadline, “Tammy and Amy Slaton have captivated us with their fun-loving personalities, heartfelt challenges, and uplifting victories. We admire their genuine, evolving journeys and we are rooting for them as they pursue paths toward healthier lifestyles.”

The sisters’ unbreakable bond is one of the biggest reasons to watch “1000-lb Sisters,” so fans were understandably confused as to why Tammy Slaton didn’t attend Amy’s wedding in Season 1. Now we finally have the answer.

1000-lb Sisters: Why Did Tammy Slaton Miss Amy Slaton’s Wedding?

In season 1 of 1000-lb Sisters, Amy found herself remarried to her husband Michael Halterman, as they had just formalized things in court before the ceremony. While her sister Tammy was partying with him for the second time, it turns out she didn’t attend the original courthouse wedding (via CheatSheet).  According to Soap Dirt, there was a good reason why Tammy Slaton didn’t attend Amy Slaton’s first wedding.

She was taking diet pills at the time, which made her so sick that the reality star feared she would throw up in front of everyone and ruin Amy Slaton big day. Luckily, she made it through the second ceremony without any problems.

Tammy Slaton explained on the show that it had nothing to do with any personal problems between her and Amy Slaton, as she adores her sister and only wants the best for her. However, Tammy couldn’t take any risks with the medication she was taking at the time.  “The 1000-lb Sisters documents the Slatons’ struggle to lose weight and take control of their lives, with Amy faring much better than her sister, who left home at the end of the second season.

Tammy Slaton has tried everything over the years but can’t seem to find a programme that works for her, though as TV Shows Ace reports, she seems to be doing much better these days. Hopefully the reality star can stay on track and won’t miss any important family events in the future.

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