8 Surprising Things You Can Clean With a Clothes Steamer

Whether you have tucked away a full-sized clothing steamer or a travel-sized business, you probably won’t get the most use for your money. Although both are useful tools for removing wrinkles and musty odors from washable and dry, clean outfits, clothing steamers can do much more around the house.

Check the temperature of the steam outlet. It must be 212 degrees F or higher to disinfect surfaces.

Always use distilled water to prevent clogs and leave traces of minerals on fabrics.

Experiment with different nozzles – if you have one – for cleaning tasks.

Read the fabric labels to prevent stains or color loss and never use them on delicate fabrics such as silk.

Do not use on freshly painted surfaces, waxed and polished wood, musical instruments and vintage finishes.

Steam Away Grease and Baked-on Food

Simply point the nozzle of your clothes steamer in the direction of a greasy pan or hob to loosen fat and caked food, making it much easier to wipe it away. This is especially useful on glass hobs where abrasive cleaning agents can cause damage.

Sanitize Solid Surface Countertops

If your appliance’s steam output reaches 212 degrees F, you can use it to disinfect solid surfaces, such as work surfaces, appliance levers, toilets, and sinks. No chemicals needed!

Defrost a Freezer More Quickly

If you have a freezer that is not self-thawing, use a clothing steamer to melt ice faster. Some steams can also loosen an ice machine that contains too much ice.

Remove Labels, Stickers, and Wallpaper

A clothing steamer does wonders on hot melt adhesives to help you remove labels from glass jars and stickers from windows. Use it carefully on everything made from chipboard and on unpainted surfaces. For stickers, stick a stain remover on the fabric to remove the last pieces of glue.

Refresh Drapes, Bedding, and Upholstery

You have probably used a clothing steamer to remove wrinkles from newly hung curtains or a new bed skirt. But that steam does much more than remove wrinkles, but also helps remove odors, dust and even insects. When someone is sick and has spent a lot of time on the sofa, use a clothing steamer to disinfect pillows and upholstery to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Tackle Carpet and Upholstery Stains

If you discover a stain soil in carpet or furniture fibers, an explosion of clothing steamer steam can help loosen it and make it much easier to remove. Start by keeping the steamer at least 15 cm away from the stain and allow it to work for approximately 30 seconds. Pat the area with a clean white towel and repeat if necessary until there is no more discoloration on the towel. You may still need to use a stain remover, but the end results must be more successful.

Blast Away Mildew and Dirt on Grout

High temperatures and mildew don’t mix, so use your clothes steamer to get mold in the bathroom floors and shower enclosures. The steam will also help to remove dirt that has been dusted on the floors in kitchens and mudrooms.

Detail Your Car Inside and Out

It is not necessary to keep the clothing steamer inside. When it is time to wash and clean your car, the steam is ideal for removing hard dirt on wheel covers and bumpers. Use the steamer to remove stains on car upholstery, carpet and floor mats. And don’t forget to give windows and mirrors a steam to make them crystal clear.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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