90 Day Fiance – Aladin Jallali’s ‘not for sale’ don’t try and buy him

90 Day Fiance - Aladin Jallali’s ‘not for sale’ don’t try and buy him

90 Day Fiance fans know that Laura and Aladin split. And, ever since then, thirsty fans chat on his Instagram about how the Tunisian can always hook up with them if he wants. Even before the split, Laura complained about fans thirsting for him. And, it seems that he’s had enough of it. He took to his Instagram to tell them to stop trying to buy his interest.

90 Day Fiance – Aladin Jallali’s ‘not for sale’ don’t try and buy him

Aladin Jallali recently started his own business. Tv Shows Ace reported that people can book trips with his new company and see the Tunisian sights. Many fans show interest in meeting him there. But, even on those posts, fans comment about how they can hook up with him. It comes from Canada, the UK, the USA, and more. And, it looks like Aladin Jallali’s just over it. He shared a photo that said, “Not For Sale.” He captioned it with, “I am a MAN… I make my own money… and I am not for sale! Stop trying to get my attention with money or greencards or fancy cars or luxury homes because it will never work.”

Perhaps he’s really not into going to live in Canada or the USA. And, maybe he’s not desperate for money as Laura made out. Cheatsheet wrote in October, “Laura is confirming her divorce — and also suggesting that Aladin Jallali was never in it for love, but rather for money and a visa.” Maybe those thirsty fanatics believed Laura. During the 90 days promised by the fiancé, the two alternative periods paid in rent resulted. But, that still might not indicate that he’s desperate for cash. After all, Laura herself complained during the season of being an “independent” and emancipated woman.

90 Day Fiance Fans react to Aladin Jallali and thirsty fan who try and ‘buy’ him

Aladin Jallali also added another comment to his post, where he said, “And no, I am not a piece of meat to be auctioned off to the highest bidder!” Many fans responded, with one pointing out an interesting viewpoint. They noted, “its nice to see men [handling] the same situations that women have dealt with forever.” Another 90 Day Fiance fan agreed, writing “That’s how I feel when these guys come up to me in public! Nope and nope. I’m not for sale either.”

Meanwhile, other fans liked that Aladin Jallali told people he’s not for sale. One said, “I’m sooo glad you said this you can see that you are a good person with substance and that it goes deeper then material things!!! Good for you!!! I(sic).” Another noted, “Honestly though, I’d NEVER try to buy you. I’m too broke. I can cook, though. Can you be bought with a hot meal and some desert? Okay, I’ll stop playing. Are people trying to buy you seriously or are they just kidding? If they’re serious, that’s insulting! God, you’re not an smh prostitute.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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