90 Day Fiance: Are Big Ed Brown and Liz Engaged?

90 Day Fiance: Are Big Ed Brown and Liz Engaged?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers finds out that recently a fan posted some surprising news about Big Ed Brown and girlfriend Liz on instagram. The fan went to pose for pictures with the couple and said that from what he could see they couldn’t look happier. Although the fan did make the observation that this “happiness” came after quite a few drinks from Liz, but hey, we won’t judge too harshly. Whatever gets you through the night, eh Liz? Although one wonders if Big Ed Brown helped this sudden happiness, considering the past allegations against him.

90 Day Fiance: Are Big Ed Brown and Liz Engaged?

The last time we saw Liz and Big Ed Brown they had broken up, at least that’s where they were at on 90 Day: The Single Life Finale Tell-All.

Although Big Ed Brown was coming in hot, looking for his higher pacing to get back with Liz on national TV, she wasn’t the only one he expressed interest in.

He also expressed a noticeable interest in Fernanda Flores, also from The Single Life, and made no effort to hide it! Fernanda, however, is a stickler for the Girls’ Code, and informed Liz of Ed’s suspicious actions a few minutes after it had happened, much to Big Ed Brown’s dismay. For that matter, Fernanda seems to have a lot more self-respect than Liz.

At Tell-all, Liz was told by Big Ed Brown’s own daughter Tiffany that he “looked rough”, Tiffany essentially implying that it would be good for Liz to get someone as good as her father, which… we all know is wrong.

Liz could probably do better, but she’s already got two divorces behind her and already has a baby and some say it could steamroll things that are dating, but seriously, it looks like Liz’s low self-esteem.

Written by Evelyn Foster


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