90 Day Fiance: Are Deavan and Jihoon still together?

90 Day Fiance: Are Deavan and Jihoon still together?

90 Day Fiance couple Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee had a traditional Korean wedding during the 90-day season finale: The Other Way, but did their relationship last? Are Deavan and Jihoon still together, or have they split up?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers Warning: Please stop reading if you do not want to know if Deavan and Jihoon broke up after filming the TLC spin-off. This article reveals the current relationship status of the 90 Day Fiance pair and some unfortunate shocking news].

Deavan was a 22-year-old from Salt Lake City, UT when she met Jihoon, a 29-year-old mobile phone dealer from Seoul, South Korea, on a dating app.

Deavan was the ‘fantasy’ of Jihoon, since she is an American model and she quickly fell for Jihoon Lee.

The couple used translation apps to talk to each other, but Jihoon’s English has improved over time. They had apparently talked to each other for three months before Jihoon made plans to travel to America and meet Deavan Clegg for the first time in person.

During that trip, Jihoon also met Deavan’s “boisterous” three-year-old girl named Drascilla, who was born in August 2015 according to Starcasm.

The journey must have gone well, because Jihoon and Deavan slept together and Deavan became pregnant with her second child. (Deavan has not yet disclosed any information about Drascilla’s biological father, except that the man would have abused during his relationship).

Jihoon and Deavan discovered that they were expecting after six positive pregnancy tests confirmed their suspicions on the day he left to return to South Korea in 2018.

After Jihoon Lee returned to South Korea, the couple planned to get married. Not only did they love each other, but they thought it would be best if the baby were together.

Deavan Clegg then visited Jihoon in South Korea for about a week in November 2018 to meet his parents, Hong Ju and Jung, to try and get a better understanding of Korean culture.

The parents of Jihoon apparently were not happy when they found out she was pregnant, because Deavan Clegg was a single mother with tattoos who never graduated from college.

“I don’t know if his parents avoided me, but we never had time to sit down and discuss something, so I never got their blessing. I left Korea as if I wasn’t good enough for their son in their eyes, “Declared Deavan.

In her 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way introduction, Deavan Clegg explained that she was seven months pregnant with Jihoon’s baby and planned to move to South Korea with Drascilla once the new baby was about seven weeks old so that they could all be together to be.

However, Jihoon had not yet formally proposed because they had to prove to his parents that they were really in love. Deavan Clegg actually had to conquer Jihoon’s parents and receive their blessing to continue with a wedding.

Later in the season, Jihoon returned to America with his parents for a one-week stay.

There were difficult moments and conversations, but eventually Jihoon’s parents agreed with Deavan.

Before leaving the United States, Jihoon proposed a wedding to Deavan Clegg during a romantic lunch in Las Vegas. Jihoon made some mistakes and was a bit awkward, but Deavan insisted that the moment was everything she had dreamed of and more.

Jihoon then felt “huge repentance” because he had to return to South Korea and left his pregnant fiance. Jihoon said there was nothing he could do about it, but he was planning to return to America in two months for the birth of his baby.

90 Day Fiance: Are Deavan and Jihoon still together?

Jihoon then booked a flight back to America for the planned part of Deavan; However, Deavan discovered that the baby had to be born early because her blood pressure was very high in the 170s, which was “extremely dangerous.”

Deavan explained that the baby had to be removed early, otherwise she could die – and the baby could die too.

Deavan asked Jihoon Lee to change his ticket and fly back to the United States earlier, but he admitted it was too expensive and he couldn’t let that happen.

Jihoon Lee therefore refused to buy a new ticket, which frustrated Deavan Clegg because she had previously asked him not to buy a ticket at all if the baby would come early.

Deavan was upset because Jihoon Lee would miss the birth of their son. She expected that he would be such a huge moment in her life and therefore began to question his dedication to their relationship.

On the morning of Deavan’s C-section, she felt extremely nervous and anxious, especially because Jihoon Lee could not be there.

The couple had agreed to video chat so that at least Jihoon could see the birth of his son, but it was difficult and “heartbreaking” for Deavan.

‘I’m not here. I am a very bad father, “Jihoon said to the cameras and added that he wished he could keep Deavan’s hand through the operation. “I’m just going crazy.”

The operation lasted about six minutes in total and the doctors said that Deavan and Jihoon’s baby was “big”, “handsome” and “so perfect.”

“No language in the world can interpret what I feel now,” Jihoon Lee said in tears. “I am happy but at the same time deeply sad. I regret that I am not here.”

Jihoon’s parents were delighted to be grandparents, and Deavan noticed that she felt an immediate, overwhelming feeling of love when she first saw her son.

Two weeks after her son Taeyang was born, Deavan found it extremely difficult without having Jihoon Lee around.

Parenting also started rockily because one of Taeyang’s lungs was not fully developed at the time of his premature birth and therefore he spent some time in neonatal intensive care.

Deavan Clegg said it was “so hard” not to be able to hold her son when he was being treated, and she really needed Jihoon there.

However, Jihoon was on his way to the United States and was so excited to finally meet his baby. Jihoon hoped he would be a good father, but he didn’t really know what to do or expect.

When Deavan and Jihoon were reunited, the couple were overjoyed to see each other, but Jihoon had a lot to learn about upbringing. Jihoon, for example, had never changed a diaper before.

“I think he’s in a reality check,” Deavan Clegg commented. “He has not yet proven to me that I can trust him, but I want Taeyang to have a father in his life. So I have to [move to South Korea] for my son.”

Deavan planned to move to South Korea about six weeks later so that she could get a passport for him. Deavan Clegg hoped that Jihoon would make all necessary preparations in the meantime.

Deavan said when she first became pregnant, Jihoon offered to send her money to help, but that never happened. Deavan Clegg said the financial burden fell on her shoulders and that she wasn’t sure if she could trust that he would support their family financially.

While in the park with Drascilla and their newborn, however, Jihoon revealed to Deavan that he had resigned. Jihoon explained that he wanted to earn more money and that his financial situation was not good.

Jihoon apparently had a lot of credit card debt from when he was younger, and Deavan was extremely worried and “pissed off.” Deavan Clegg was considering canceling her plans to move to South Korea, but it was not even possible because she had already resigned and made arrangements.

Jihoon’s “lack of financial responsibility” really worried Deavan, especially because he had nine months while she was pregnant to save for a baby.

Jihoon told Deavan she didn’t have to worry and their future would look bright, but Deavan was tired of hearing “trust me” and said she needed things to happen.

“I am leaving so much behind. Everything I have established here in America will be gone if I move to South Korea [in a month],” Deavan Clegg said in a confessional.

Jihoon saw that Deavan no longer trusted him, but he was convinced that he could earn a lot of money. He was an optimistic guy and had high hopes for their future.

Deavan Clegg really loved Jihoon, but was worried that he wasn’t big enough to realize how serious everything was.

The time finally came for Deavan Clegg to move to South Korea and start a new life in a completely different world.

Deavan Clegg did not bring her daughter Drascilla alone so that she could arrange for their family and Jihoon to work and be able to support them.

90 Day Fiance: Are Deavan and Jihoon still together?

Deavan expected Jihoon to have a full-time job and an apartment for them, but he still lived in his parents’ house and knew that Deavan would be disappointed in him.

Moreover, Jihoon Lee was late in picking up his fiancé at the airport.

Deavan thought they would stay with his parents for one night, but then Jihoon broke the news that they would stay there for a few months. Jihoon said he was working on a “delivery order” but needed more time to save money.

Deavan was so upset that Jihoon was unprepared. She actually said it was “unacceptable.”

Deavan could not believe that she would be forced to stay in the house of Jihoon’s parents because it had only one bedroom and his parents slept on the couch. There was not enough room for Deavan, her baby and Drascilla, and Deavan Clegg told the cameras that this situation was unfair to Jihoon’s parents or to herself.

Even the parents of Jihoon demanded that he find his own place and grow up.

But Jihoon Lee still considered himself a “childish boy.” He let Deavan sleep in his bed and said he would sleep on the floor, but Deavan Clegg noticed that that’s exactly why they couldn’t stay there.

Deavan did not understand why Jihoon Lee had no savings.

“I keep great secrets about my money management. If I tell Deavan, the relationship will be over and Deavan will leave me,” Jihoon told the cameras.

While he was having lunch at a fish market one day, Jihoon insisted that he make money – about $ 4,000 a month – but he was new to his job.

Deavan Clegg said that that is enough money to rent an apartment, but then Jihoon revealed that he had saved absolutely no money.

Deavan Clegg wondered how that was possible, and that was the moment when Jihoon Lee shared that he had done something ‘illegal’ a few years ago. Jihoon apparently owed $ 30,000 at first, but at the time of their interview he had his debt back to $ 5,000.

Jihoon Lee said he sold used and lost phones, but Deavan pointed out if a phone was lost, that’s stealing. The police have therefore imposed a fine of $ 50,000 on Jihoon Lee. He took out a loan to pay the fine and said that the amount had doubled due to interest.

“If I told you, you wouldn’t marry me,” Jihoon told his fiancé.

Deavan said that Jihoon Lee should have told her this before she decided to move to South Korea. Because of Jihoon’s illegal activities and his lying about it, Deavan Clegg immediately lost all faith in him.

“That is not the ideal life or the father I wanted for my children,” Deavan Clegg said in a confessional. “In order not to take it seriously, I think I made a big mistake.”

Jihoon Lee also told Deavan that he had sold used telephones in China. The news troubled Deavan because it meant that her fiance had been involved in an international crime.

“I’m changing jobs now. I promise. Next time I’m going to jail,” Jihoon told Deavan. “I’m not illegal anymore, okay?”

Although the couple did not even have their own apartment and Deavan Clegg learned more and more unflattering information about Jihoon, she was still planning to submit wedding papers so that she could stay permanently in Jihoon’s land.

90 Day Fiance: Are Deavan and Jihoon still together?

Deavan was a little nervous about making their marriage official because of everything that had happened, so it was a lot to take – but she eventually loved Jihoon.

“I want to make sure that everything will be fine and that you will no longer buy and that we get the apartment,” Deavan Clegg said.

“Enough,” Jihoon Lee replied. “Too many worries.”

“I feel you’re not worried enough,” Deavan Clegg commented, adding that she wanted confirmation that Jihoon paid off his debts because they would soon become her own.

Jihoon claimed that his fault was a personal problem, but she did not agree. That is why Deavan Clegg wanted to manage their money so that she could find out where it all went and forced Jihoon to make her feel better.

Deavan Clegg decided to marry Jihoon because he took steps in the right direction and she loved him.

“We’re finally getting married. I’m excited. I’m happy. It just starts,” Jihoon Lee said.

Deavan Clegg wanted to have a real wedding, but the couple knew it would take some time to plan.

After three weeks in South Korea, Deavan and Jihoon Lee took part in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony. Although this wedding did not really count for Deavan, given that her loved ones were not there, it really pleased Jihoon’s parents.

It certainly wasn’t the wedding of her dreams, especially since she had to dress in an elaborate suit that wasn’t her style, but Deavan and Jihoon could laugh and have fun together.

Deavan embraced Korean culture and made Jihoon very happy.

But despite the wishes of Jihoon’s parents, Deavan admitted to Jihoon Lee that she no longer wanted to welcome children to him, and Jihoon seemed to like it because he found that Deavan had power in their relationship.

Jihoon still joked that he and Deavan would enjoy their first night as official husband and wife and make another baby, but Deavan laughed and said, “No more babies.”

“I’m good at babies. I really don’t want another baby now,” Deavan commented.

Deavan was happy that she was married to the man she loved and that her son would have a father in his life. Deavan Clegg was also happy that her daughter Drascilla would have a father figure in her life.

For the future, Deavan Clegg hoped that Jihoon Lee would work hard, save money, rent an apartment for them, and prove that he was ready to take care of a family.

But Deavan Clegg said that if Jihoon Lee didn’t step on the board, she probably “had to leave” him.

What’s the latest news on the 90 Day Fiance couple and where they are living?

Deavan and Jihoon are still married and live together!

Deavan Clegg has been sharing cute pictures of Jihoon Lee and her family for months, and the couple lives with South Korea and Drascilla and their son Taeyang.

On October 6, Deavan Clegg posted a photo of her dinner with Korean delicacies, and on October 1, Deavan posted two funny photos of Jihoon and posing herself with a corpse or zombie in a spooky telephone booth in an amusement park.

“The differences between me and Jihoon lol # 90dayfiancetheotherway # 90dayfiance # beforethe90days #pillowtalk #southkorea #lotteworld #scary #halloween #payphone,” she endorsed the slide show.

On September 29, Deavan Clegg posted an additional photo and video from her time in Lotte World, a large leisure complex in Seoul, South Korea, showing that she is still in Jihoon’s land.

And on September 22, Deavan shared a photo of Jihoon and Drascilla, getting ready for Halloween by posing with a big jack-o’-lantern. She also posted a video of Jihoon and herself eating pizza with a friend.

Deavan Clegg also revealed on Instagram that she and Jihoon are starting to sell merchandise together, and an available sweatshirt that she showed on Instagram says, “Take Me To South Korea.”

Deavan was also pregnant again but sadly miscarried

In even bigger news, Deavan and Jihoon recently became pregnant again and were expecting their second child together.

Unfortunately, Deavan announced on October 9 that she had had a pregnancy miscarriage.

“Many people have asked if I am pregnant. I have not yet discussed this. I want to start by saying, thank you very much for your support and love,” Deavan Clegg wrote in a post-issued post.

“With a heavy heart we have to announce sad news. Last Monday we finally lost our baby. We are broken heart and focus on healing. I want to apologize for not telling anyone sooner. But we needed this time as a family to cure .”

Deavan Clegg continued in the post: “Many people go through this, and we feel so many people and wish everyone who has suffered the same situation happiness and healing. We heal and do better, and want to thank everyone for your support during this very difficult time “

Deavan signed the message from Jihoon Lee and herself and added the following hashtags: # 90dayfiancetheotherway, # 90dayfiance, # beforethe90days and # 90dayfiancehappily here after.

Deavan spoke of pregnancy rumors in an interview with In Touch Weekly at the beginning of October, but she played them reluctantly.

“Rumors spread like wildfire in this industry,” Deavan told In Touch.

“As many know, I already had two very difficult, complicated pregnancies. And because of my medical problems, I don’t want to talk about these rumors. I can’t confirm or deny these rumors, but can ask fans to keep watching the show.”

Sources also told the magazine that Deavan “had many problems with her previous pregnancy,” and added that she is currently trying hard to “focus on her health and recovery.”

Deavan and Jihoon recently welcomed son Taeyang Lee into the world in April. His birth was documented for the reality series and Deavan Clegg was forced to have a C-section before her baby’s due date because she had dangerously high blood pressure by the end of her pregnancy.

As mentioned above, Deavan Clegg is also the mother of the three-year-old daughter, Drascilla, whom she welcomed with an ex.

The news of Deavan’s third pregnancy leaked in September when a message that she had written in a private Facebook group for Korean residents was publicly shared.

Deavan wrote in the Facebook group: “So I’m currently pregnant and have no health insurance in Korea and I don’t know where to start or what to do.”

“I just found out that my insurance is not international,” she continued. “I also don’t know how much it would cost to have a child here. And I’m starting to think that this would have to go back to my home country.”

Deavan then confirmed that she had written the message and had another baby in an Instagram story message on September 24.

“I was in a private Facebook group based in Korea with only Korean people, so it’s sad to see my personal things get leaked when it’s a group I went to for advice about life in Korea, “Deavan wrote in an image.

“Just shows that you can’t even trust people, even if it’s not even in your home country.”

“Please stop respecting me and ask me not to talk about it. I trusted this group and it was my safe place for a long time,” Deavan added in another Instagram comment.

“I need time and I didn’t even tell the family because of how early it is, so stop telling me about this topic # 90dayfiance # 90dayfiancetheotherway.”

Deavan had previously posted Instagram comments in which she repeated that she was surprised that her messages had leaked out to the Facebook group.

“Is it really true that you are pregnant again? I saw screenshots of you saying that you are pregnant in Korea,” a follower asked on an Instagram post that Deavan had posted.

“Which page,” Deavan asked back.

“It’s on Reddit,” another follower answered. “I gave you a screenshot.”

Deavan has been sharing her life in Korea online for months

Additional evidence that Deavan and Jihoon are still together has been dating for several months.

On September 13, Deavan posted a picture of a giant ice Sunday and wrote it: “Date night yummy # 90dayfiance # 90dayfiancetheotherway #datenight #icecream #southkorea #korea.”

On August 30, Deavan seemed to post a photo of her wedding day with Jihoon. She endorsed it: “Thanks for 100,000 followers, we appreciate your love and support so much thank you everyone # 90dayfiance # 90dayfiancetheotherway #southkorea @ jihoonlee90dv.”

She also shared a photo of Drascilla and Jihoon Lee that day and said her husband and daughter “play a video game together every night.”

However, she clarified the next day that she and Jihoon had just participated in a wedding photo shoot and the wedding photo was not from their actual wedding day.

“Hello I have almost no photos lol time to break out the camera and just call a photo shoot, we have not had a wedding # 90dayfiance # 90dayfiancetheotherway @ jihoonlee90dv,” Deavan wrote next to an image.

On August 17, she posted an Instagram photo for a “Happy 100 Days” party that she seemed to be holding for Taeyang in South Korea.

About a week later, on August 25, Deavan also posted a photo where she ate a Korean dinner in a restaurant with Jihoon and tagged it “#Southkorea”.

Deavan had also suggested that she was in South Korea on August 1 when she posted a photo of a Korean restaurant and the caption “Lekker in mijn belly”.

On July 22 she also posted a photo of her engagement ring and called it “happy engagement day”.

She also placed Polaroids from Jihoon and herself at the end of July and added heart and flower emojis to her Instagram post.

On July 20, Deavan Clegg revealed that she and Jihoon Lee set up a YouTube channel for themselves called “Junnyvanny.” But she noticed that they still covered long distances.

The couple apparently also had breakfast together on July 10 and only took a selfie a few days earlier.

Jihoon Lee is apparently also connected to Drascilla at the time he was dating Deavan.

At the end of June, Jihoon posted a slide show of photos of Drascilla, suggesting that he had taken on a parental role.

Jihoon was apparently beating trolls who criticized Drascilla’s impetuous behavior as shown on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

“#daughter #cutiegirl #baby #stillbaby #tlc # 90dayfiance # 90dayfiancetheotherway
Is something wrong with the child? Let’s not attack the child. She is still three years old and she is a baby, “Jihoon endorsed the pictures.

“She was only three years old. Can you judge her life? Children should only grow up to love by listening to beautiful words. Children always grow up. I don’t think a wise adult would do that. We always thank you for keeping your boys from. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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