’90 Day Fiance’: Are Paul and Karine still together and managing to make their marriage work, or have they split up?

'90 Day Fiance' Are Paul and Karine still together and managing to make their marriage work, or have they split up

90 day fiance couple Paul Staehle and Karine Martins were shown trying to get their marriage to a healthy place after Karine threatened her husband with divorce on 90-day fiance: the other side – that’s what the couple called it after filming ended, or are they still together?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers Warning: Please stop reading if you do not want to know if Paul and Karine are still together and are married. This article shows whether the 90 Day Fiance pairs have been split and where Karine and Paul currently live.]

Paul and Karine met each other online and fell in love in Brazil despite the fact that they could not communicate well with each other.

Paul and Karine were married in 2017, but their marriage was not broadcast until the following year on season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days on TLC.

After playing the lead role on 90 Day Fiance: before the previous 90 Day season, they had cameras filmed for the debut edition of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, which was released on TLC last week.

Part 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Tell-All special will be broadcast on Monday 14 October and part 2 will be broadcast the following week.

The relationship between Paul and Karine is filled with ups and downs, including two devastating miscarriages – one of which is documented on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

Paul and Karine happily announced in October 2018 that they were expecting a baby. That same month, Paul revealed that Karine was pregnant with a baby boy.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way then debuted with, Paul, then 35, chores working on a farm to save money for his then-pregnant wife and unborn child.

Paul wanted Karine to give birth in the United States under the care of American doctors, but because he didn’t earn an annual income of $ 26,000 and couldn’t convince his mother – or apparently someone else – to sponsor Karine, Paul realized he had to move to Brazil to make his marriage a success and to be able to raise his baby.

Paul was frustrated that he could not support his wife and baby from the United States, but he was willing to make a “big sacrifice” by permanently moving to Brazil.

Karine, who was 23 at the start of The Other Way, was seven months pregnant when Paul arrived in Brazil. She had spent three months alone before his arrival and had taken English lessons to improve their communication.

Karine, however, did not feel that Paul was putting a lot of effort into learning Portuguese, working and earning money. She was afraid that Paul could not take care of his family, knowing that babies are incredibly expensive to raise.

Karine said she really loved Paul, but needed him to “stop the drama”, become a good father, and go to the record financially.

But Paul said he did everything he could for his wife and that Karine was tired of complaining.

Unfortunately for the couple, Paul later discovered that his application for permanent residence in Brazil had been denied due to his criminal record.

Paul’s residence was initially denied because he had been accused of “third-degree terrorist threat” in connection with a crime in his file when he was accused of threatening someone’s thirteen years ago in America.

Paul claimed that he had caught a former girlfriend in their house with another man. Paul had not only threatened to cut the man’s ties, but also admitted that he had made “some angry remarks.”

The lawyer had to explain to federal police officers that what Paul was accused of in the United States was not a terrorist act, but rather a normal looming indictment.

Paul and his lawyer therefore appealed the decision and it turned out to be a waiting game for Paul and Karine.

'90 Day Fiance': Are Paul and Karine still together and managing to make their marriage work, or have they split up?

“When Paul has to leave, he takes my heart with me. And not just mine, but my son’s,” Karine told the cameras.

After staying with Karine’s mother in Tonantins for a while, Karine and Paul rented a cheap house for $ 200 a month.

Paul hoped to stay in a much more expensive place, but Karine told Paul that he had no job and might be deported, so they had to be careful with their money. She was annoyed how frivolous Paul was with money and how he always had to do things his way.

Karine told Paul to go back to America, and then Paul accused her of wanting a divorce. Karine said that Paul was all about “drama, drama, drama”.

“He doesn’t want to change, but he has to grow up now that he’s becoming a father,” Karine told the cameras.

Karine’s mother said that Paul treated Karine badly, especially when he came up with the idea of ​​a DNA test for the baby.

Paul insisted that he no longer suspected that he was the biological father of Karine’s son, but when he borrowed Karine’s phone for the translation app, an SMS suddenly appeared in which Karine spoke to an American man in English.

Paul wanted to know who the man was, but Karine just told Paul to “stop”. She called the mysterious man “someone,” but Paul was unable to do that. Karine later told the cameras that the man in question was the son of a woman who helps her by sending money.

“My relationship with him is actually like a friend or a brother. It’s not as romantic as Paul thinks,” Karine explained.

Paul admitted that they would have problems of trust as long as Karine continued to talk to other men, and perhaps a baby paternity test was necessary. Paul told Karine that he didn’t appreciate what she was doing.

Three weeks into their new lives together in Tonantins, the couple lived by the small amount of savings that Paul had left before he flew to Brazil, but they ran out quickly.

Paul was looking for work under the table, but nobody seemed to speak English and Paul couldn’t speak Portuguese. Karine was worried and stressed, but Paul was tired of his wife “poking” at him.

Paul said he had given up everything in the United States to live with Karine in Brazil and be there for her, but he felt that nothing he ever did was “good enough” for his pregnant wife.

Paul told Karine that the fact that she was communicating with American men in English worried him and hurt his feelings, but Karine said that Paul always accused her of cheating when they fought.

“I can’t take it anymore to tell you the truth,” Karine said. “Are you afraid that someone will treat me better than you?”

Paul dropped out and told Karine that she should apply for a divorce if she wasn’t happy with her marriage, and she cried and said she was fed up with Paul scaring her and treating her badly.

Karine did not want her child to see Paul angry all the time and to assume that this kind of behavior is acceptable and normal, so she thought of a divorce. She wasn’t sure if Paul was able to change.

The next day Karine had disappeared and her father told Paul that Karine and her mother had left together on a boat and went back to Manaus, a big city in Brazil.

Paul was in shock and felt very hurt and sad because Karine had left him in a place where he didn’t speak the language and had no family or friends to count on.

Paul was then shown a boat trip back to Manaus. He wanted to arrange things with Karine, but she was pretty torn about how she wanted to continue in her relationship with Paul.

“I left everything in Tonatin to come to Manaus with my mother, because there are lawyers in Manaus who can help me with the divorce,” Karine told the cameras.

“But I keep giving Paul chances because my son needs his father. I don’t want him to be far from his father. So I’m willing to give him another chance.”

When Paul finally met Karine after days of divorce, he said he had lost words.

Karine told Paul that he was acting like a bad person, so she didn’t want to see him. Karine had no patience for Paul and could not believe he was angry with her because she had talked to another man by text message.

“You know I didn’t do anything wrong,” Karine said, adding that she and Paul had this time and again.

Karine thought Paul would apologize for his behavior, but he was still angry with her instead.

“How would you feel if I talk to other women?” Paul asked.

“This won’t work,” Karine said. “Shut up! I get really angry … All I see is you want to humiliate me.”

Karine felt that Paul would never change, and she said she was tired of crying and that Paul blamed her for things she wasn’t guilty of. Karine called him a “jerk.”

'90 Day Fiance': Are Paul and Karine still together and managing to make their marriage work, or have they split up?

Karine burst into tears and left the conversation, but Paul pursued her and knew things were bad. Paul saw that Karine was not happy with him and that he “had done everything right.”

“I’m going to make it,” Paul commented. “I’m absolutely worried about losing everything I had. I don’t know if it was real.”

Karine wanted to be left alone, but then Paul insisted that he was sorry and had made a mistake because he was upset. When Paul asked Karine if she loved him, she simply said, “No.”

While Paul tried to hug her, Karine pushed him away and asked him to leave.

“I really want a divorce. I’m tired of what Paul is doing to me,” Karine said in a confessional. “He lives in the past and too many battles break up a relationship. There is no hope left. I am thinking of my son now.”

Karine asked Paul to leave, and she didn’t let him say goodbye to her. He didn’t know what to do and told the cameras that Karine seemed to hate him.

A few days later, Paul said that his fight with Karine was worse than ever and he wasn’t sure if there was much hope that they would meet again.

Paul therefore considered flying home to the United States and returning to his old life, but Karine knew little, his profession of gaining permanent residence in Brazil was approved, and so he could finally apply for a work visa and then hopefully get it a job.

Paul’s mother advised him to solve his problems with Karine so that he could be there for his child. Paul’s mother did not want Paul to miss his father and see his baby grow up.

Paul realized that he had made a mistake as a result and planned to step it up, but then he heard that Karine had given birth.

Paul went to the hospital, but after seeing Karine, she kicked him out.

Paul therefore angrily rushed out the front doors of the hospital. Karine apparently didn’t want him around for the birth of the baby, and Paul said to the cameras, “It’s what it is. I’m really hurt.”

“She told me to go and get her some stuff. She wants her mother there and doesn’t want me here,” Paul added.

Paul later returned to the hospital to deliver some things for Karine and tried to complete things with Karine around 7 p.m.

Karine was so mad at Paul, but he just couldn’t leave her there, knowing how much pain she was having.

Karine had not received any medication for the pain, so Paul remained proactive and rubbed Karine’s back. And this time she did not force him to leave the hospital.

At 5 o’clock the next day, Karine was still giving birth. All doctors apparently had left and there was only one nurse on duty. Paul was upset because no painkillers were available and he said the hospital was “much inferior” than what is being offered in the United States.

Although Paul had “a rocky relationship” with Karine’s mother, he was happy that she was there for her daughter.

Karine’s mother said it was “nerve-racking” because Karine seemed to give up. When the baby came out, there were no doctors around.

At the last minute a doctor finally showed up and Karine took the delivery room.

“I can not do it!” Karine shouted.

But after Paul told Karine she is strong and able, she said, “Okay, I’ll try.”

Karine and Paul then welcomed their baby boy and Paul shouted, “You did it, honey! You did it! You did it!”

It was a very emotional moment and Karine felt immediate relief and happiness when her son was placed on her chest. Paul gushed about how his baby had beautiful blue eyes and blond hair and looked like him.

“I think it’s safe to say it’s absolutely my baby. He looks a lot like me, doesn’t need a DNA test. That’s my son. He’s very white,” Paul said to the cameras, laughing.

“I am very happy and very proud. I will do my best to give him the best possible life.”

Karine was so grateful for how Paul had behaved in the delivery room. She said he was calm and behaved like a good friend and a supportive husband.

Karine said that Paul’s behavior made her stronger and gave her hope for the future of their relationship. Moreover, after seeing her son for the first time, Karine felt nothing but joy, hope and optimism.

Before Karine Pierre delivered Martins Staehle, she wanted to divorce Paul, but Paul hoped she would change her mind. Karine wanted Paul to help her with the baby every day, so she asked him if it could remain peaceful between them.

Paul’s mother Mary then traveled to Brazil to meet her grandchild, and Karine hoped that Mary would help her with Paul.

Karine asked Mary for advice on how to deal with Paul when he got very angry during a fight. Karine said that Paul would scream and be mean to her in stressful situations.

“You can tell by his looks that he hates,” Karine said, adding that she feared that her son would pick up Paul’s negative energy.

Mary advised her son to stop fighting because babies pick up their parents’ feelings.

“We discover that the less we talk and get frustrated, the less we fight,” Paul told the cameras.

Paul said he was looking for a job, earned his own money, and paid the bills. His mother told him to perform, be a man, and let his family work.

“It’s your time – it’s time,” Paul’s mother explained.

Paul focused on repairing his family and doing what is best for Pierre, and Karine saw that visiting Mary was a good thing because she had the ability to calm her son down.

However, then it was time for Paul’s mother Mary to leave, so Karine was worried that things would return to normal.

Karine told Paul that she no longer wanted a divorce because she hoped he could change, and Paul was willing to try and become a better husband for the sake of his family and keeping it together.

Are Paul and Karine still together and managing to make their marriage work, or have they split up?

Although Paul recently posted a video on Instagram on October 8 in which he himself was in bed with his son and Karine’s arm, he could be seen alongside them, but social media comments that Paul made at the end of September suggest that the couple’s relationship is currently unstable.

According to the comments, Karine told Paul that she no longer wanted him in her life and therefore retained a divorce lawyer.

Paul revealed the news in a few Facebook posts that have since been deleted and posted on September 27, according to screenshots made by his followers.

“Karine asked me to delete our photos. And let everyone know she doesn’t want me in her life,” he wrote in his first Facebook post.

Paul also wrote a subsequent placement in a mix of Portuguese and English.

“Karine advogado de divorcio me ligou. I think I need a lawyer,” he wrote.

Translated into the English text: “Karine’s divorce lawyer called me.”

Shortly thereafter, Paul deleted both messages and deactivated his Facebook account.

His Instagram account still remains active, but most of Karine’s photos seem to have been deleted, except for some that appear to be sponsored posts.

Paul also revealed in his Instagram stories on September 30 that he and Karine “take a break” to film Cameo videos for fans “indefinitely.”

Later, however, Paul announced that Karine would record a number of Halloween-inspired videos in English or Portuguese for their fans.

“[Pierre] can appear in his costume if you kindly ask her. I can be in or out of the cameos. Just let her know in the request,” wrote Paul on Instagram.

“We will drive slower and possibly stop coming after the weekend. Although we really enjoyed cameo, we have to arrange personal matters. Karine and Pierre really enjoyed the cameo money. It makes me so happy to to see them happy. “

Paul did not release any additional information about the “personal affairs” that he and Karine were dealing with at the time.

The speculation that the 90-day fiance’s volatile relationship was once again on the rocks began earlier in September when Paul posted an Instagram story claiming Karine threatened him with divorce.

“Keeping a survey strictly out of curiosity. For someone I know very well … Should a wife divorce her husband over his mother who buys gifts every day to spoil their son?” he wrote in the Instagram story.

‘A grandmother must be banned from seeing her grandchildren to spoil them. And a husband divorced for defending his mother’s actions? “

Although Paul apparently tried to play it as if the scenario happened to another couple, most of his Instagram followers knew better because the social media messages from the 90 Day Fiance couple openly showed that they are currently with Paul’s mother in Louisville, Kentucky live area with their son Pierre.

As a result, it seemed that Karine was angry with Paul’s mother for “pampering” her son and Paul for choosing his mother’s side, and threatened to divorce Paul as a result.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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