’90 Day Fiance’ Ashley Martson Reveals Barbershop Guys Outed Jay Smith’s Misdeeds

Ashley Martson served some 90 Day Fiance tea this week and told In Touch Weekly that former husband Jay Smith’s former friends of the notorious hairdressers brought him to Martson after he had probably put her in a false trap. Martson told the outlet that she had had enough of Smith to tell people that she was flirting with his friend from the barber shop, Michael, and explained that Michael’s girlfriend is actually her good friend at the time.

However, she admitted that the owner of the barber shop, Kendell, sent her “inappropriate messages” about three months after Smith’s time in the United States and when he worked as a tattoo artist at the barber shop.

What’s more, Martson claimed it was all a setup that Smith planned to see if Martson would cheat on him. “I was told that Jay set it up to see if I would fall for it,” she said. “That’s what the gentlemen of the hairdressers told me later on the road.”

And while 90 Day Fiance fans are unlikely to ever forget the scene in which Martson Smith discovered in the barber’s bathroom with another woman, she claims that Smith was involved in far more extramarital activities than that, and that the video captured was “unsuitable.” was “” for television.

“Jay did many things that couldn’t be seen in the show. It wasn’t just a girl in the bathroom. There were several cases and I caught him in one of them,” she said.

She said she suspected that it was for this reason that Smith’s friends at the barber shop decided to inform her of his unfaithfulness.

“I think they were just over it. He hadn’t respected them a few times and they were just saying,” She deserves to know. We’re going to tell her. “

Martson is in the middle of divorcing Smith, a native of Jamaica, who spent most of July in ICE custody in Pennsylvania for violating contact without contact with Martson after she filed for divorce. He was released on July 31 after his boss paid his $ 5,000 deposit.

On his release, Smith is noticed with his new girlfriend, Kayla O’Brien, who, according to 90 Day Fiance fans, looks like Martson. O’Brien started a GoFundMe campaign to fund Smith’s legal battle. After his release from ICE captivity, she shared a video of those who hugged, with the caption: “My baby, so happy, so grateful.”

Martson raised rumors that O’Brien was possibly pregnant and told In Touch: “There are already many rumors going around that his girlfriend, who runs the GoFundMe, is pregnant. From what I saw – she was at court – she certainly looked out if she could have expected. So, if I [his visa sponsor], I would be responsible for paying his child benefit. “

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