90 Day Fiance : Before the 90 Days – Angela Deem Sits Down with Michael Illesanmi’s Mama

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days – Angela Deem Sits Down with Michael Illesanmi’s Mama

90 Day Fiance: spoilers before the 90 days reveal Angela Deem meets Michael Illesanmi’s mother to talk about babies. This is an important event in their TLC storyline considering all the drama that is currently taking place this season. Michael is fresh from getting a cake in the face thanks to his American lover. And now there is extra tension in revealing their baby plans.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Before the 90 Days – Angela Deem Sits Down with Michael Illesanmi’s Mama

90 Day Fiance spoilers show Angela Deem and Michael Illesanmi sitting with his mother. And it seems that they get started right away. Michael Illesanmi says it is very important in Nigerian culture to have an heir to continue the family name and legacy. He admits that it is “expected” where he comes from. And the couple talked about the possibility the entire season.

Early on Angela Deem asked her daughter Skyla Rae Deem if she would carry the baby for the couple. At the age of 53, it would be risky for Angela Deem to try to give birth to a child. But her daughter said she would be open to the possibility. And now 90 Day Fiance spoilers report that the couple is communicating their plans to Michael’s mother. How does she record the news?

90 Day  Fiance: Does Michael Plan to Get Busy with Angela’s Daughter?

One of the nicer moments early in a 90 Day Fiance spoilers clip is Michael Illesanmi and Georgia woman Angela Deem trying to explain the process. Michael’s mother asks the duo if he intends to have sex with her daughter to make her pregnant. They shoot that quickly. And it’s a funny moment to break up, which could otherwise be a very serious and even tense situation.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans may find they try to explain the procedure in a funny way. Michael Illesanmi tries to translate the concept as well as possible while the pair makes hand gestures. Meanwhile, his mother tries to understand with a confused look on her face.

It appears that Michael Illesanmi is the only one of her children without a child. And his mother doesn’t like that he hasn’t given her a grandchild yet. But she also understands how difficult it would be if Angela tried to carry the child herself.

90 Day Fiance: Are Things Patched Up Between Michael and Angela Deem?

It has been tense lately before the 90 days for Michael Illesanmi and Angela Deem. Angela is tired of his lies and he even had to spend a night in his car. In the meantime, she recently stabbed Michael in the face. But teaser clips show that they seem to converge for the sake of a potential child. And they seem to sweep their problems under the carpet and give a good face to Mama Illesanmi.

It is possible that the 90 Day Fiance pair will gather around the potential baby to solve some of their current problems. But it will be interesting to see if that really crushes things after all of the recent on-camera drama from them. And it’s worth checking to see if Angela’s daughter continues to carry the baby.

Watch a new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Sunday night on TLC.

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