’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’: Darcey and Tom break up but then reconcile

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days final and Part 1 of the Tell-All special featured Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks break up and get back together, Zied Hakimi proposes marriage to Rebecca Parrot, Avery Mills second Omar Albakour’s recommends love for her, and an eye-opening interview with the mysterious Maria from Ukraine during the broadcast on Sunday evening on TLC.

Like 90 Day Fiance: before the first two seasons of the 90 days, the third season followed Americans – who started romantic relationships with foreign partners – traveling abroad hoping to get engaged to someone they had never personally met with the intent to start the K-1 Visa immigration process.

Along the way they encountered challenges, including major age differences, language barriers, cultural issues and dubious past.

And part 1 of the Tell-All special included the following cast members who gathered with host and mediator Shaun Robinson in New York City to provide updates on their relationships: Timothy Malcolm, 38, from Charlotte, NC; Darcey, 44, from Middletown, CT, and Tom, 39, from Nottingham, UK; Benjamin Taylor, 33, from Phoenix, AZ; Avery, 19, from Columbus, OH; Caesar Mack, 46, from Jacksonville, NC; Angela Deem, 53, from Hazlehurst, GA; and Rebecca, 47, from Canton, GA.

Tom was the only foreign partner who appeared on the Tell-All special, as the following people called via video chat: Jeniffer Tarazona, 25, from Bucaramanga, Colombia; Akinyi Obala, 25, from Nairobi, Kenya; Omar, 24, from Latakia, Syria; Michael Ilesanmi, 29, from Lagos, Nigeria; and Zied, 26, from Tunis, Tunisia.

Maria, 28, from Kiev, Ukraine, gave an interview during the final, but will not speak with Caesar during the Tell-All special until part 2 broadcasts a special three-hour episode Monday evening at 8:00 PM ET / PT on TLC. (Darcey’s ex Jesse Meester will also appear).

Below is what happened during the 90 Day Fiance final: Before the 90 Days and Part 1 of the Tell-All special for each couple:


Darcey returned to the United States after a “beautiful” and “amazing” trip to England.

Darcey acknowledged that long-distance relationships are difficult, but she was convinced that Tom was the only one for her, so she said there was no way to give up her relationship.

Stacey’s flight from Albania arrived shortly before Darcey’s, so the twin sisters returned to Connecticut together.

Darcey told Stacey back during the drive that Tom said he loved her and that they were an exclusive couple. Darcey said, “We’ll see where it goes.”

Stacey hoped for the best for Darcey, but then Darcey said there was no reason to hurry an engagement.

“You are engaged after two weeks,” Darcey snarled at her sister.

After Stacey insisted that she was still engaged and happy with her fiancé Florian, Darcey pointed out that a couple should only be “tops” for about a year and a half.

Darcey claimed to be okay with the fact that Tom had not proposed a wedding to her, but she seemed to be worried about a long-lasting romance because she would have to make it work from different countries.

After spending a few weeks at home with her daughters and her family, Darcey tried to adapt to life without Tom. When she was in England, she felt so loved. But now Darcey admitted that Tom was hard to reach and she felt ignored.

In an effort to find out how Tom really felt about her and whether he loved her, Darcey FaceTimed with Tom.

Darcey said she hadn’t heard much from Tom, who insisted that he was just very busy. Tom admitted that the long-distance situation didn’t work and Darcey said she wanted to talk more, but it seemed like he didn’t want to.

Tom told Darcey that she didn’t respect him because she would send “1500 text messages” if he was in a business meeting or called him at 4 AM.

“I feel I can’t give this love and time that you want. It’s just, what’s the point? From my perspective and this moment in my life, where I see it, I prefer to be single and your friend, “Tom told Darcey.

“I’m not looking for anyone else, but if you meet someone better than me or he can give you more than I can give you, I would be happy for you, and you know it.”

Darcey felt that Tom was throwing away their relationship and she didn’t know why he wanted things to work. Darcey’s heart ached and she didn’t understand what she had done to make Tom fall in love with her.

Darcey knew she couldn’t change Tom’s feelings, and she felt she wasn’t worth the trouble for Tom.

“I saw myself marry Tom one day. Dated for two years [Jesse Meester] and then it faded, and here we go again. I just continue my life, and if someone else comes along that feels good, I go on with my life, “Darcey said in a confessional.

On the way to part 1 of the Tell-All special, Tom said that his relationship with Darcey was “complicated” because he loved Darcey very much. He said he should come up with a plan for how their relationship could progress and progress.

Meanwhile, Jesse also drove to the Tell-All, and he said it was nice to be disconnected from Darcey. Jesse thought it was a relief to be in New York City without negativity and drama around him.

Darcey said that her romance with Tom “died” a little when she returned to America and that was probably because Tom was not ready for a serious commitment. She wasn’t afraid to see Jesse again, and said there was no way she’d let him knock her down.

Because Tom and Darcey were no longer together after the filming ended, Shaun asked Tom why he attended the Tell-All.

Tom replied that he wanted to support Darcey and see her again, but when asked if Darcey was his girlfriend, he said, “We are together and we see if that is a possibility.”

Darcey, however, considered Tom to be her boyfriend.

Jesse said he was satisfied and actually was looking forward to talking to Darcey at the Tell-All.

Tom suggested that Darcey tell him that he loved her a little too much, and Darcey said that Tom expressed himself when he really felt it.

Tom’s sister Emma was then welcomed into the conversation via video chat and Darcey said, “She’s so funny. I love her.”

Emma noted that Tom had a bit of imagination and they wished Tom and Darcey would take the time to get to know each other better. Emma said that Darcey didn’t ask Tom enough questions about herself, but Darcey insisted that she and Tom have a great bond and friendship.

Tom and Darcey then revealed that they didn’t even know each other’s favorite color.

“I know what triggers Darcey and what doesn’t. I know what she likes and doesn’t like,” Tom argued. “I always try to plan, because if you want a life with someone and want to share something with someone, I need to know what Darcey actually wants.”

“She wants an engagement ring and you tell her that you always love her,” Emma said.

“She doesn’t want to know who you are, what you enjoy doing, what your interests are. I don’t see that.”

Shaun then pointed out that Tom had been engaged twice before, and both times he had been left behind by the woman. This news shocked Darcey totally.

“Do you even know anything about him?” Emma asked.


Benjamin had sent his family a text message that he was technically married and told Akinyi that some people had given support while others did not understand how to make such a brutal decision.

Benjamin’s family was apparently “shocked and confused” about marrying Akinyi, but he insisted he didn’t regret it.

Akinyi accompanied Benjamin to the airport in Kenya, where they both said goodbye, and Benjamin admitted that leaving his wife would be “very difficult.” Benjamin predicted that it would take months to receive the Akinyi visa.

Benjamin and Akinyi expressed love for each other and embraced each other, and both individuals had tears in their eyes.

“It’s hard to say goodbye. Benjamin is my husband now, so I love him. But I’m scared because I don’t know when I’ll see him again,” Akinyi told the cameras.

But Benjamin assured Akinyi: “It’s not goodbye – it’s until next time … I love you.”

Benjamin gushed about how he had a great time with Akinyi in Kenya and no long time is ever enough with the one you love.

On the way to part 1 of the Tell-All, Benjamin said his family did not speak to him for a few weeks after they discovered that he had married Akinyi in Kenya.

“But she’s going to be part of our family … I just want to live our lives,” Benjamin said in a confessional.

Akinyi admitted that she thought Benjamin would become physically “smaller” when they met and that she would like to see him in shape again.

Benjamin said he did not go against his religion by having sex with Akinyi because they were married under the eyes of God – although not legally in the US.


Rebecca spent her last hours with Zied in the Sahara desert. She did not regret having told Zied that she was still technically married, but she feared she had undone their weeks together.

Rebecca told Zied that she hated fighting him, but she could see that he was such a good man.

“I thought about ending it once and for all, but … as a Muslim man I consider her divorced. She signed the papers, she got divorced,” Zied told the cameras.

Zied then had a small picnic with Rebecca in the sand, complete with candles, wine and chocolate. And in the chocolate bowl happened to be a red box with an engagement ring in it.

‘This is for you. Because you’re marrying me, “Zied told Rebecca as she started crying. “Will you marry me? Yes?”

Rebecca nodded her head and kissed Zied and he beamed: “I love you so much!” Rebecca called her husband “perfect,” although their relationship had been a bit of a roller coaster.

Rebecca said it was the proposal every girl would dream of.

She then revealed to Rebecca that he had taken about $ 200 dollars from her to buy the ring, but in the end he borrowed his sister’s money and didn’t need to use it.

Rebecca told the cameras that she felt bad because she once said something negative about Zied, because she thought it was so cute that his intention all the time was to ask the question with a nice ring.

“I can’t wait to get your visa and get you to America and marry you!” Rebecca told her fiance.

“Our most difficult days can definitely be ahead of us, but now that we are engaged, I have never been so sure about our relationship.”

A few weeks after Rebecca and Zied met in person, it was time for Rebecca to board a plane and return to America. Rebecca had a hard time leaving Zied and said that the three weeks she had spent with him changed her life completely.

Said Rebecca to finish her divorce so that she could be his on the way to the airport.

“She lied to me and hid things about her life, but I still love her and I am so, so sad because I don’t know I will see Rebecca next time,” Zied said in a confessional.

Rebecca was planning to submit the K-1 visa, but she said it would take six to eight months for that to happen. In the meantime, she feared that Zied would change his mind about moving or that his family would talk him out of his relationship.

However, she promised Rebecca that she would see his face for the rest of her life because he was crazy about her. Rebecca assured Zied that she was crazy about him too.

Rebecca said she would miss everything from Zied – including how romantic and passionate he was. She hoped that they could stand the process, otherwise everything they had experienced was for nothing.

Rebecca said that Zied was nervous about speaking English to people on the way to part 1 of the Tell-All. She was also afraid that bringing forward old problems and baggage would affect her relationship.

Rebecca told Shaun that it was sweet and romantic. She appeared at the airport with a T-shirt with her face on it, but Jeniffer said that if Timothy had arrived, she would think he was “a freak.”

Rebecca later complained behind the scenes about what Jeniffer Zied had called “a freak,” and she seemed really angry.


Avery was back in the United States a few weeks ago and she said it was very difficult to get away from Omar. She said she woke up lonely in the morning.

Knowing that Omar’s travel visa would probably not be approved, Avery felt the need to share her bad news with Omar.

Avery FaceTimed with Omar and explained that visas were denied due to the travel ban from Syria to the United States.

“Realistically, you can’t get a visa,” Avery told Omar.

“What? Are you kidding?” Asked Omar. “Why can’t I be in America?”

“The lawyer said that he has worked on many travel prohibition cases and none of them have been approved. We can apply for an exemption, but only fewer than five percent of those who receive an exemption are approved. I would say the earliest is three years , “Avery explained to Omar.

Avery also said that if they had the chance that Omar would come to the United States, she could not move to Syria because the only thing the government would acknowledge – if they acknowledge it – was that the couple had to live separately from each other.

Avery started the process for Omar to come to the US, so she asked him: “Do you think you could be away from me for a few years and still want to marry me?”

“I don’t know,” Omar replied.

“Wait,” Avery commented.

“It has been a difficult situation for a long time,” Omar said.

Avery dropped her phone and could not believe that Omar had said such a thing. It made her doubt how strong his love for her really was.

Avery was very stressed and wondered what to do.

“Listen, I’m giving up on America,” said Omar.

The couple wanted to be together, so they discussed the possibility of both moving to somewhere like Dubai.

“If we make that decision to leave the country, we will make that decision forever,” Avery told her husband. “We just give up America completely.”

Avery was worried about leaving her family because she knew it would hurt, and Omar acknowledged that it was a difficult choice for her.

Avery said the decision to leave her family would be the hardest decision she would ever have to make, but Omar promised her they would find out together and he loved her.

“It breaks my heart because there is no good option for me and Omar right now. I’m afraid we’ll never be together,” Avery told the cameras.

In Part 1 of the Tell-All special, Avery noted that people probably had misconceptions about Omar because he is a Muslim. Avery said that if someone started talking negatively about her husband, she would certainly stand up and stand up for him.

Avery cried about how the travel ban allowed her to choose between the family she already had and the family she wanted to create with Omar. Avery cried tears about how her situation was really difficult, and her mother Teri seemed to really feel for her.

“Keep in mind that I love her,” Omar said.

Teri said that while Omar wanted to protect Avery with all his heart, there were certain situations that he could not control or prevent. Teri wanted to keep her family together.

“If he has no way to get here, we’ll go to a nearby country where it’s safe,” Avery said.

Tom warned that Avery who lived abroad would now become much more difficult than her situation, because she would be alone and had to adapt to another culture and language.

The cast worried that Avery would be in trouble, but Teri was supportive and said she could not stop her daughter from moving as long as she planned to go somewhere safe.

Jeniffer praised Teri that he had great strength as a loving mother and said it took courage for her to even consider letting her daughter go and following her heart.


Caesar returned to the United States three weeks earlier and said that Maria broke his heart. Caesar, however, told the cameras that he and Maria were together again and talked about booking a trip to Cuba.

Caesar intended to work hard and save money so that he could see Maria, whom he said was the love of his life. Caesar said the love he had for Mary would never end because they were meant to be together.

Viewers were then introduced to Maria, a 28-year-old from Kiev, Ukraine.

The beautiful blonde said she had joined a dating app eight years ago and many women in Ukraine use this app to find American men who apparently reach high standards if local men don’t.

Maria said that Caesar had sent her a text in the app and she thought his profile looked “nice”. She appreciated the way Caesar spoke to her, but Maria admitted that she wasn’t physically attracted to him.

Maria even said she is interested in tall, blond men with blue eyes. However, Maria said that she liked how Caesar treated her. For example, he sent her flowers.

“During this time, of course, I talk to other guys because it’s normal. I can’t stop like one man. If I don’t have a ring on my hand, I’m free,” Maria told the cameras.

Maria said she liked to go out with her friends and go shopping for fun.

Maria told the cameras that she loved traveling and had just returned from Dubai, but she had never been to America. Maria said it was her dream to go to the United States, especially Beverly Hills, since she was about five years old.

Maria was then shown to have lunch with her friends and they asked if she had found a love in Dubai. She said, “I’ll tell you later.”

Maria told her friends that she had checked in on her flight to Cancun, Mexico a few days before boarding the plane, but her reservation was canceled because he had insufficient money. Maria’s girlfriends seemed shocked and then she explained that Caesar was rude to her – as if it were her fault – and so she broke up with him.

“He doesn’t deserve your forgiveness … He didn’t send you a huge amount of money,” her friend told her.

Maria told the cameras that she did not accept money from other men and she could not remember how much money Caesar had sent her over the years because she was “not an accountant.”

When asked if she and Caesar were together again, Maria insisted that they were “still friends.”

“Caesar, if he wants a girl like me, he needs to understand that he has to work and do something – go make more money,” said Maria in a confessional.

Maria’s friends told her that Caesar was unwilling to do the things she deserved, and then in a confessional, Maria said she would not reveal if she ever intended to meet Caesar.

“It’s a secret,” she said.

During Part 1 of the Tell-All, Caesar was nervous for Maria to enter the video via video chat. He thought things were going to be tense, because while they were planning to meet in Cuba, Maria said she was ‘just tired of everything’ and ‘it was enough’.

Maria apparently broke things up again with Caesar, and so he said, “This was the endgame today.” Caesar wanted to have long-term plans with Maria, such as welcoming a family, so he intended to share his feelings and emotions with her at the Tell-All.

Caesar also hoped that Maria would tell him how she felt about it.

Avery told Caesar during the Tell-All that he earned better, especially because he had never met Maria before.

The cast agreed that Maria did not really love Caesar because she still had to meet him.

“I think it was a scam from day 1,” Timothy said.

“I think she just wants his money,” Jeniffer commented.

Caesar confessed that he probably should have released Maria earlier, but he could not, because his emotions were so wrapped up in her.

Regarding having a sexual relationship, Caesar admitted that he first wanted to take it easy with Maria “but then it would have been hammer time.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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