90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap 09/08/19: Season 3 Episode 6

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days broadcast with a completely new Sunday, September 8, 2019 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance summary below for you. In episode 6 of 90 Day Fiance, season 3, tonight “Rebecca tries to impress the parents of Zied. Ben meets the family of Akinyi. Michael and Angela are fighting.”

Angela’s journey came with a few surprises. She went to Nigeria to see her fiancé and spend some time together, but her first day was a bit rocky. Both she and Michael had a fight with a towing team. This crew had stopped for them because they wanted Michael’s car to stop and they then used it to link his car to theirs. They wanted to tow his car because he would stop where he shouldn’t have been. And that was just crazy.

It must also have been a scam. The car only stopped because the tow truck had forced them to stop and so the tow team was wrong. They had no right to tell Michael that he was breaking rules when he was pushed into a corner. So Michael fought back. He wouldn’t let them take his car. He got out and got a fistfight with one of the boys. Another guy tried to come after him and Angela treated that guy.

The fight quickly caught the attention of the airport. Later the security team came from the airport and they broke out the fight. They got the car from Michael and Michael quickly left the scene with Angela. Angela, who, by the way, was very happy with the fight. She said she was proud of Michael because he stood tall and she even said she was happy to see his balls fall. Angela was looking for evidence that Michael was a man and this was it.

And the surprises didn’t stop there. Michael was now more open to the sexual things she wanted to try, so they had to try a few things before sending the camera crews away. The two were enjoying themselves while Rebecca got into trouble herself. She finally met the parents of Zeid and it was difficult from start to finish. Rebecca’s first moment in their house was followed by breaking something.

She didn’t want it, but she did. She broke something and tried to get past it when her tattoos became the next problem. The parents of Zeid have not approved the tattoos. The older people wanted to know if the tattoos ever came off and they were disappointed to discover that those tattoos were the ones that stayed. They were also disappointed in hearing her ex-husband. They were all eating and Rebecca said she had it earlier. And so Zeid explained to Rebecca how her ex-husband had been.

Rebecca didn’t know what to say next. She could see for herself that the parents of Zeid were not sure what they thought and Rebecca was smart not to try and improve it. Especially if she can easily make it worse. Rebecca has had several roadblocks with Zeid at the same time and this time it may be really over. Speaking of which, Caesar may have to face the facts with his girlfriend Maria.

Maria did not come to Mexico. She sent him a text message saying that her flight had been canceled and that it was so rude. She waited until he thought she would land to send that message. She could have sent it any time, so why didn’t she do it before Caesar left for Mexico? He could have canceled his flight and tried to get some money back. He would not have been left alone abroad.

Maria should have thought of this. But she didn’t because she didn’t care for him in the end. Maria would have met him several times in the past and none of the occasions were successful because she would always come up with an excuse. She would suddenly remember someone’s birthday or say that her flight was canceled. Like she did now. Maria uses that excuse the most and it was just so disrespectful for Caesar.

Caesar earned better than that. He also needed a friend who was willing to meet him and not only accept his money. Maria has taken thousands of dollars from Caesar. He has paid everything and he has never made a claim. There were times when she refused to take his phone calls and when she saw him log in, she would log out. She did this in the run-up to the trip and so Caesar should have said something and it didn’t. He still wanted to believe the best of her.

That won’t do him good! Anyway, Teri Mills met her daughter’s private Omar. Omar wanted to discuss the dowry and in this case dowry does not mean what everyone thinks it is doing. He wasn’t talking about money that the Avery family needed to give him. He was talking about money he would have to give Avery if they ever got a divorce. He meant that with dowry and he asked Teri how much she wanted.

Teri did not want to undercut her daughter, so she asked for ten thousand dollars and only went for less when Omar reminded her that he was a student. His sister’s dowry was six thousand and that is what Terri accepted. The two also spoke about their living situation. Teri said she would try to get Omar to the states and, if that didn’t work, she didn’t know what it meant to the couple. Teri did not want her daughter to live in another country.

Teri also knew how it would be impossible for Omar to live in a foreign country. He was Syrian and quite a few countries closed their doors to someone like him. It is even the reason why it becomes such a struggle to get him a visa, but Avery wanted to pursue it and she didn’t want to hear no or wait. She and Omar were planning to return to Syria if his visa could not come through within a few months. And even now, Avery’s privilege has blinded her to the reality of this world.

Then there were Darcey and Tom. The two finally arrived somewhere in the intimacy department and now he has her with his friends. His friends who now include his ex Roucelle. Roucelle was happy with it and she knew Tom a bit for what he was. He was an eternal bachelor because he could not settle. In the past he was injured and since then he gave up taking the time to arrange it.

The only one who thought Tom was capable is Darcey. Darcey believes in his love and that they will always be together, meanwhile Tom tells Roucelle that it is not love. He thinks he can get there along the line, but he knows better. He knows he will never love Darcey as she loves him and he should say something. Roucelle told him to say something. She saw how Darcey is invested and it wasn’t fair to her.

Although Tim was not that much better. Tim went to Colombia to finally meet Jeniffer and the man was so worried that he was the perfect man that he accidentally sent the wrong signals. He made Jeniffer believe he might be gay. She wondered why he never tried to kiss her or come in to feel her, and she doubted his sexuality when everything he wanted to do together in bed had joint facials.

Jeniffer had really thought something wrong afterwards. The next morning things went a little better and the two spoke about Tim’s lack of response. He told her he wanted it to be special. He wanted to wait until they got to know each other to do it all, and she suspected that he had planned the moment so that it would not happen automatically. But despite that, Jeniffer still took him to her grandparents, and then Tim began to reveal more about himself.

Tim let it slip that he had been to Colombia five times. He had only told Jeniffer that he was on vacation there, so he made her suspicious. She wondered what else he was keeping from her. Jeniffer had never made a plan or anything, so it was easier everywhere when Tim came clean. Tim confessed that he came to Colombia with his ex-girlfriend in the past. The ex was also Colombian and her relationship with Tim had been serious.

It supposedly ended up out of nowhere. So that was Tim’s last relationship and it didn’t fill Jeniffer with confidence. She wanted to know if she was a replacement. If Tim maybe used her to fill the gap his girlfriend had left behind. It didn’t help either that ex texted him that day and that she was still in his phone as “mom.” Tim thought that showing Jeniffer the message would somehow make things all better and instead made Jeniffer angry.

Jeniffer threw her drink in his face. She then stormed away and yet Tim wanted to make it better with her.

Meanwhile, Caesar spoke with the airline and he heard that his payment method was being rejected. And so it wasn’t Maria’s fault this time.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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