90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Recap

90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Recap

Last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days was like a soap on speed. There were tears, fights and a huge load of drama. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the episode. Thank you TLC for this gift that keeps on giving. I start smiling my day because my life is cake walk compared to some of these people.

Benjamin is considering raising his relationship with Akinyi to a higher level. Angela Deem confronts the friends of Michael Ilesanmi. Jeniffer and Tim ask for their compatibility. Avery and Omar spend their last day together. Rebecca and Zied are going to the Sahara desert. Ready, set, summarized!


After she had fooled herself last night in the bar, Darcey has since been ignored by her friend Tom. When she meets her twin sister Stacey, she blames her for the death of her relationship. In addition to being obscenely jealous and desperate, she lacks the ability to be responsible for her own bad behavior. When the group says goodbye, Tom reproves Darcey and warns her that she will not act silly towards his family. Asking Darcey to behave like a normal person is like asking a dog not to bark.

After barely speaking since they left Albania, the two go to Nottingham to meet Tom’s family. Darcey cries for the dynamics that Tom has seen between her and her sister. She apologizes for making him uncomfortable, and he essentially tells her to work on herself. He warns her that she will meet his sister, who protects him extremely. Tom chooses to stay in an Airbnb instead of his sister’s house, because he is nervous, she will witness the madness he saw in Albania.

Tom introduces Darcey to his sister, Emma, during dinner. Emma is not surprised by the appearance of Darcey, because he often dates women who look “fake” like her. Tom tells his sister that he fell for Darcey, much to her delight. When Darcey tells Tom that she will never hurt him, his sister becomes fatally serious and she says she will not let her hurt him. I don’t know how she would control that, but okay. I think Darcey should stay on tiptoe with Tom’s sister. She seems like the type that will tackle her like a linebacker if she makes a false step with her brother.


After their explosive fight, Timothy asks Jeniffer to meet in the park to talk. Ugh, please don’t let this be another conversation in which he whines and plays the victim. In an act of desperation, Timothy asks what Jeniffer would say if he asked her to marry him. Her answer is, “I don’t know.” Jeniffer cries and begs him to change. Timothy agrees to do his utmost to make their relationship work for the next four days. Ummm… Jeniffer RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Timothy is a classic energy vampire that will drain you emotionally, if you allow it. Not only does he constantly try to manipulate your feelings, he then tries to convince you that you are always to blame.

Timothy is going shopping with Jeniffer to make up for the last few days. He convinces her to video chat with his ex-Veronica. Something tells me this is not going well. Jeniffer asks Veronica if she still has feelings for him. Veronica explains that they are best friends and spend a lot of time together. Things get weird when she actually asks if Jeniffer and Timothy have had sex. WTF ?????????? How does that concern her? Jeniffer is offended and only confirms that Veronica is more involved in Timothy’s life than she would like.


Benjamin returns to the hotel to look after a drunken Akinyi after a disastrous dinner. The next morning Benjamin expresses his disappointment about her behavior. He also suggests that she never drinks again. Akinyi claims that she does not drink often and should be able to drink occasionally. Although he loves her, Benjamin begins to have serious doubts about their relationship.

Akinyi takes Benjamin to the supermarket to buy some items as a token of appreciation for her family. Akinyi explains the steps to the bridal prize, little knows everyone, Benjamin is broke with a capital “B.”

She tells him the last and most important step. After the bride price was agreed, she would legally be his wife in Kenya. Benjamin is shocked because he only expected to be engaged during this trip. Maybe he should have thought of that before he traveled to Kenya. I think Akinyi deliberately omitted this important detail so that she could ensure that she would get married.

Benjamin calls on his friend, Desiree, to get some advice for the bride price gathering. He is visibly upset because he is married as soon as possible. Desiree wonders why Akinyi would hide such an important detail from him. She also thinks he should wait to observe Akinyi with his son before he makes a decision. It is clear that this decision weighs heavily on his heart and mind. Personally, I am not impressed by this relationship. I don’t think they should rush to a wedding because of the abundance of red flags that have already been shown.


After receiving bad news at the fertility clinic, Angela decides to call her daughter, Skylar, to ask her to be an egg donor. This should be interesting because her daughter has already rejected her. Angela is asking Michael this time, just to hear a resounding no! Skylar does not think that her mother and Michael should even consider having children. She also feels that giving up one of her eggs is the same as giving one of her children. Michael has already told Angela that if he has no child, he will not be happy. Angela, doesn’t your family have enough problems without bringing Michael into the mix?

For some reason, Michael brings Angela to meet his friends for a drink. He already knows she hates his friends. She has a list of violations against them and is fully committed to confronting them. Angela changes to the HULK and immediately becomes aggressive after they arrive at the bar. She behaves more like a mother who exhorts her son’s friends than a girlfriend.

His friends are shocked by her behavior towards them. Angela even throws a drink when they smile uncomfortably. All Michael’s friends are leaving except a gentle man who is trying to solve the problem. She clearly does not want him to have friends other than her.

Angela, the way you treat Michael is disgusting! Are you looking for a man or a boy who you can touch and growl all day long? Michael, immediately reconsider this relationship. I don’t want to hear that you are being held at her home in Georgia. Mama Michael and friends, plan an intervention as soon as possible!


It is Avery’s last day in Lebanon before she returns to America. The newlyweds go to the beach to discuss their future. Chile, it’s only a few days ago and Omar is already looking annoyed at his wife. At dinner, Avery gets frustrated when Omar seems to be more concerned about his visa than the fact that she is leaving. She even insists that he might use her.

When Avery starts crying, at least Omar tries to comfort her. Hmm … I’m not sure if Omar uses Avery, but I believe it could be a possibility. One thing I know for sure, Avery will certainly get a dose of reality throughout the process.


Zied takes Rebecca on a romantic trip to the Sahara desert for a surprise proposal. When she leaves the room, Zied makes a frantic dash to hide the ring. I still laugh that he had the guts to buy her a ring with her own money. Could this be a peak in their future? That background report looks increasingly legitimate. Rebecca is still terrified to reveal her last secret: she is still married. Why the hell didn’t she just remove the patch? Why does she keep telling someone bad news?

See and Rebecca fight again. This time because she accidentally showed him a photo of her ex when she tried to show him photos of her grandchildren. If he is so angry about a photo, wait until he finds out he is dating a married woman.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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