’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ spoilers: Are Avery and Omar still together, or did the 90 Day Fiance couple split?

'90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' spoilers: Are Avery and Omar still together, or did the 90 Day Fiance couple split?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Avery Mills and Omar Albakour are on their way to the wedding, but spoilers have already leaked out to indicate whether the 3-pair season is still together or breaking up.

[90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Spoiler Warning: stop reading now if you don’t want to know the current status of Avery Mills and Omar Albakour’s relationship before the rest of their story is broadcast on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days].

Avery, a 19-year-old who recently converted to Columbus from Columbus, OH, and Omar, a 24-year-old Muslim man from Syria, met on a Muslim dating app.

Avery was a former Christian and fully American girl – a cheerleader and gymnast – but she decided to convert to Islam and show off her inner rather than outer beauty.

Avery claims that six months before meeting Omar, she had converted to Islam, whom she thought had “a beautiful heart.”

Omar’s profile initially said he lived in America, but when Avery found out he lived in Syria, she continued the relationship.

Since there is a war going on in Syria, the lovers of Avery feared the intentions of Omar and the future of Avery with him, but she was ‘already addicted’.

After just a month of talking, Omar asked Avery to marry him and she had received her engagement ring by mail. She planned to travel to Lebanon to finally meet her fiancé in person, because Syria was dangerous.

Avery lived with her mother Teri, stepfather, five brothers and sisters and grandparents. Teri was very scared of her daughter because she had only talked to her fiancé online.

Avery said she spoke to Omar daily and got to know his personality traits. She trusted Omar and hoped to bring him to the United States with a visa between 9 months and three years because of the travel ban from Syria.

Teri was afraid that Omar used her daughter only to come to the United States and accused Avery of becoming another person for this man. Avery’s brother even joked Avery was in the habit of making wild plans, like being a vegetarian, to sneak roast chicken to her room.

Avery’s family clearly had no confidence that her relationship would work and Teri wanted her daughter to stay with her in the United States.

To ensure that Avery would be safe, Teri was planning to travel to Lebanon with her daughter.

Little did Teri know that Avery’s long-term plan was to live with Omar in Syria after he married him until his marital visa to come to the US was approved. Omar, a dentist, had two years of training to become a dental surgeon.

“I don’t think I can be separated from him for so long,” Avery said.

Avery knew it was crazy that she would move to an active war zone, but she said no one could change her mind. She loved Omar and that was all.

Avery therefore wanted to marry omar shortly after her arrival in Lebanon, and she admitted that she made a leap of faith.

But Avery and Omar should overcome obstacles.

Avery admitted to her friends that Omar did not appreciate the fact that she had sex before, but he mainly judged her for her after Islam.

'90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' spoilers: Are Avery and Omar still together, or did the 90 Day Fiance couple split?

Avery explained that Omar was not used to her culture, so she was afraid she would not be good enough for him. She wanted to be the perfect girl and the Muslim woman for Omar.

A day before he traveled to Lebanon, Avery grumbled at how Omar was “the perfect person”.

When Avery and Teri arrived in Lebanon after about 30 hours of travel, Avery’s luggage was lost and her phone was lost somewhere along the way, but she was more than excited to jump into Omar’s arms.

Omar – who called Avery his “soul mate” – waited for her at the airport with a large, beautiful bouquet of red roses.

The couple embraced and Avery grumbled at how Omar was so “cute” and “handsome,” and he agreed that Avery was “more beautiful” in person.

He then brought Avery and Teri to their hotel room, since he and Avery were not allowed to sleep in the same room or even kiss because of the rules of their culture and religion.

As a gift for his fiancé, Omar bought several headscarves for her in different colors. He noted that religion is important to him, and he was proud that Avery had decided to cover it for her self-confidence instead of just following a religion since birth.

Teri liked the first meeting of Avery and Omar, but she expected that there would be major cultural differences.

Both Avery and Omar were concerned about the conflict with Terri, because Omar did not want to prevent anything from getting married.

When Avery woke up her first morning in Lebanon, her wedding was two days away.

Avery, Teri and Omar therefore went shopping for wedding dresses together and chose a beautiful, fitting “Halal” dress for Avery to wear.

Teri was sad Avery was no longer ambitious and independent. She couldn’t believe that Avery was okay with a man who told her what to do and what to wear, but Teri predicted that Avery would be tired of becoming submissive and her relationship would fall apart.

That night Avery, Teri and Omar went out to dinner together. Teri told Avery to order a glass of wine because they were celebrating, but Omar said that Teri alcohol was “harmful.”

Avery said her mother did not embrace or understand how much she had changed her life when she converted to Islam.

Teri was just afraid of how much control Omar would have over Avery’s life. For example, Teri read a Muslim handbook and heard that a man can beat his wife and the woman is a “prisoner” in her own house, which really bothered her.

Omar joked that he would not get hold of Avery as long as she was “nice,” but Teri said Avery would be mean more than she would be.

But Avery did not think that Omar would abide by certain things that the law allowed. Avery said beating a woman would be disrespectful and Omar was not that kind of man.

'90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' spoilers: Are Avery and Omar still together, or did the 90 Day Fiance couple split?

On Avery’s second day in Lebanon, she heard that Omar had abandoned her by not making wedding plans. Omar apparently had no list of numbers, nor had he booked a location or priest for their ceremony, which would be the next day.

Omar insisted that he had done his best and received no response from people, but Avery was not happy.

“I don’t know why Omar drags his feet. For me, I just want to marry him, and so if I were in his position, I wouldn’t do anything non-stop until I had a place and a time.” I’m getting married “I just hope Omar is everything I thought he was,” Avery told the cameras.

Teri was worried that Omar was not in control because he had only “one task” to do, but Avery said in a confessional that she would marry him no matter what.

Teri then helped Avery and Omar find a mosque where they could get married. Teri knew that the more she pushed back Avery’s plans, the more she would continue – so Teri decided to support her.

Teri said she wanted to be a part of Avery’s wedding anyway.

Avery and Omar had their first date night off Teri together.

Avery said she was looking forward to moving to Syria with him, but he was very concerned that she might not be able to adapt to life there.

“The situation in Syria is different – the power, the water is always shut off. It will be difficult,” Omar explained. “As an American girl or someone from another country, it becomes difficult.”

Omar wanted Avery to move with him to Syria, but he wasn’t sure she would be happy. He knew they would have to struggle in Syria, and he feared that Avery would hate her life there and then leave him.

The only thing that Avery knew was that she didn’t want to stay away from Omar for long. She didn’t want to wait to see him again after they made the knot.

“I am not going to wait for years to see him. I know there is a war in Syria and, yes, that is a bit scary. But Omar does it with it; I feel I can do it too,” Avery said in a confessional.

Avery had set her sights and said she would move in July, but she still had to share this news with her mother.

Avery was well aware that Teri would try to talk her out of her plans and maybe even scream and cry.

In the last episode it was shown that Omar and Teri went to lunch together, without Avery, because he wanted to talk to her about something.

Omar explained under Islamic law that a dowry is necessary, which is a mandatory payment to support the woman in case of divorce or the death of her husband.

Teri did not want to “sell” her daughter, but Omar insisted that the payment was only to support Avery. Omar said it was up to Teri to determine the amount, so Teri threw $ 10,000 away.

Teri thought it was strange to give her daughter money, but she did not want to harm Avery and decided to respect Omar’s culture. However, Omar reminded Teri that he was a student and did not have much money.

Omar revealed that if she and Avery were divorced, Avery would only run away with eight percent of their income. Teri therefore found that $ 10,000 was appropriate.

But since she eventually heard that Omar’s parents had asked for $ 6,000 for his oldest sister, Teri thought it appropriate to ask the same amount for Avery.

Teri wanted to make sure Omar married out of love and he didn’t see marriage as a transaction.

Teri then told Omar that she was afraid Avery would try to run away with him instead of returning home to the United States, and then Omar broke the news that something would be hard for her to hear.

Omar suggested that if he did not get approval for an American visa or the process became very difficult, Avery would want to live with him somewhere else. But Teri said she would fight Avery who moved “tooth and nail” to another country.

Omar didn’t think Teri could control her daughter, but Teri feared that Avery might live in Syria. Teri knew her daughter and thought she would not want to live separately from Omar.

Are Avery and Omar still together, or did the 90 Day Fiance couple split?

Avery and Omar still seem to be together, but live in Lebanon instead of Syria, where they originally intended to live.

It appears that the couple is married and chose to stay in Lebanon until the Omar marital visa is approved, as it is currently a much safer place to live than Syria.

Some fans speculated whether Avery ended her relationship with Omar because she was recently photographed in New York City with her 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days co-stars and without Omar, but it seems she was only in New York to Tell All to be filmed special that is broadcast on TLC after the season is broadcast this fall.

It is no surprise that Omar would not personally attend the Tell-All at Avery in view of the restrictions that the United States currently has for Syrian citizens.

Avery and Omar are currently also sharing a joint Instagram account.

Although there are not many photos of the pair, Avery and Omar shared a selfie of themselves on September 2. However, there was no caption.

Fans can also see a throwback photo posted on August 30 from Avery, Omar and her mother eating together in Lebanon.

And on August 26, Avery posted a photo of Omar and herself and wrote it with a heart emoji, suggesting that they are still an item and are happy together.

A week before, Avery shared the “first selfie” of the couple in which they both smiled.

Avery also seemed to give an important hint that she is still married to Omar and lives in Lebanon when she recently promoted her plans to launch a new online store in her Instagram stories.

“It is an online store that I will soon be opening in Sha Allah … that mainly sells accessories / fashion items from the Middle East,” Avery wrote in an Instagram story message in August.

“In Sha Allah” is not the name of a place or location but means “if God wants it” in Arabic.

Avery revealed that the online store Albakour Kouture will be called “will open in about 1 month”.

“Is there something special that you want us to sell on the website?” Avery asked her followers.

The word “us” suggests that Omar is also involved in the store, and Avery’s decision to use “Albakour” (her new married surname) in the store name also suggests that she is still married to him.

People gave Avery and Omar suggestions about what to sell, such as prayer rugs, and a follower said he or she wanted to buy handmade soap.

Avery seemed to unintentionally reveal that she currently lives in Lebanon by answering, “That’s really good. Lebanon has great olive oil soaps !!!”


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