90 Day Fiancé: Caesar Mack and Maria Reunite – A hopeless romantic and his hopeless wallet

90 Day Fiancé: Caesar Mack Has Spent More Than $40 Thousand on Maria Over The Last Five Years

When it comes to choices that make them cringe, 90 Day Fiancé fans have seen it all. However, there is one particular star this season that makes fans face palm – Caesar Mack. Mack is a self-described hopeless romantic who has met his alleged love for an international dating site.

However, viewers soon discovered that Maria had received certain monetary benefits from Mack – and that the two never met in person. Now, after leaving Caesar high and dry in Mexico, the couple may seem together again – but for a fee.

A hopeless romantic and his hopeless wallet 

90 day fiance-star Caesar Mack met his Ukrainian flame on an international dating service called Anastasia Date. Mack explained that men in the service can send gifts and chat requests to women they are interested in.

Mack admitted that he sent flowers and a card to Maria – for $ 450. But that’s not all the money Mack spent on Maria. Mack even admitted that he sends Maria $ 800 a month and estimates that he has already sent her about $ 40,000.

Mack has never met Maria in person, and many of his friends and colleagues think he is being catfished. Mack explained that he was wounded in the past, but is still a romantic: “I learned to do nails from my ex-girlfriend. She was my sweetheart in high school, we went out for thirteen years and when we broke up I was deeply sad but I am still a hopeless romantic It is very important for me to have someone who is my soulmate Someone with whom I can walk to the beach, live my life and actually our life can lead in a kind of dream country. “

“And I think I’ve finally found the one woman I’ve been looking for all my life,” Caesar continued. “She emailed me back and there were sparks immediately. Yes, it was like fireworks and everything was booming. She is kind, smart, funny, she gives me a special feeling. She is my soulmate. “

Dumped in Mexico

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The 90 Day Fiancé star made a trip to Mexico for herself and Maria, hoping to meet her there for the first time and make her a proposal. Unfortunately for Mack it did not go as planned.

It looked hairy right away when Mack told the audience that three days before his arrival in Mexico he had not heard from Maria. Mack, however, kept his head high, even when other guests at the resort told him he would probably be arrested.

Unfortunately, Mack’s worst nightmares quickly became reality. The day Mary arrived, he discovered that she had canceled the trip. Apparently Mack had not sent enough money to get Maria to Mexico.

Maria and Mack finally talked on the phone and Maria put an end to things. Maria said to Mack, “I don’t want to go to Mexico. Please, I really … I’m tired. Really tired. So please don’t book anything.”

Maria also told Mack that he plays the victim too often and said he is not a real man. She added, “Yes, it’s over. You’ll live your life, I’ll live my life, OK? It’s over.”

Back together, with bills to pay

However, it seems that Maria still has to pay a few bills, so she could not give up Mack yet. The 90 day fiance is actually back together. During a recent episode, Mack revealed: “Although Maria has broken my heart since I got home, we talked again. I’m not going to give her up.”

According to Mack, Maria apologized for what happened in Mexico, and then they came together again. However, a producer saw a text message from Maria asking Mack for money to help pay her bills.

When asked if he had sent Maria money again, Mack replied: “About two thousand, two or three thousand.”

Mack added, “You know, I just love her so much, so I just decided to keep trying to help her. I really don’t think she uses me. She’s just … I think she’s just a little bit needs help. Just hope everything will work this time. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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