’90 Day Fiancé’ couple Jenny Slatten and Sumit are “happy and doing great, our love is strong”

'90 Day Fiancé' couple Jenny Slatten and Sumit are "happy and doing great, our love is strong"

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Jenny Slatten has just revealed the current status of her relationship with Sumit – and she has great news to share!

Jenny was a 60-year-old from Palm Springs, CA, and Sumit was a 30-year-old from Delhi, India, when they started appearing on the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way debut season.

The couple had a tumultuous romance in India with emotional highs and lows, but according to Jenny she and Sumit are still together!

“Happy and doing great, our love is strong @sumitjenny @blend_it_boo @gains_ta # 90dayfiancetheotherway # 90dayfiance # loveusthewayweare # lovewins,” Jenny wrote a selfie on Monday.

Jenny seemed to want to clarify that she still has a relationship with Sumit, because a special just aired Monday night on TLC entitled Jenny and Sumit: Our Journey So Far, in which the couple saw goodbye in India – a scene that was previously broadcasted during the final of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way began with Jenny who revealed that she had met Sumit on Facebook and had once traveled to India to meet him.

But Jenny’s first trip to India was cut short and lasted only four months because Sumit had heard that his parents had rejected romance and would not allow them to get married.

However, Jenny and Sumit continued their relationship long-distance and the show documented that Jenny moved to India so that she could be permanently with Sumit.

During Jenny’s time in India, Sumit lied to his parents about their relationship – but he also lied to Jenny because it turned out he was married to another woman all the time.

However, Jenny knew something was wrong when Sumit would leave her for days to spend time with his parents and try to dispel their concerns and suspicions about his whereabouts.

“I feel like your mistress … or something because you’re hiding me from everyone,” Jenny said. “It feels terrible, I am supposed to be the woman you are in love with.”

Sumit fought his loyalty to his family with the love he had for Jenny. He didn’t want to have to choose between them, but Jenny put pressure on her husband to put her first because she had left her entire life in the United States to be with him.

By the end of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Sumit was ambushed by more than a dozen of his family members, including his father-in-law, who all expressed disappointment and disgust at his affair with Jenny.

Sumit’s family took him away from Jenny and left her alone in India for almost a week. The family threatened to involve the police and Jenny was terrified.

Sumit admitted that he had ‘lied a lot to everyone’ and had done ‘many things wrong’. Sumit told the cameras that he had been married for two and a half years.

“I was dating Jenny when my parents had arranged marriage, and I barely knew the girl before I married her,” said Sumit, who later claimed, “No one should force me to get married …” “It’s my decision. I want to be with Jenny. It’s my right to be happy.”

'90 Day Fiancé' couple Jenny Slatten and Sumit are "happy and doing great, our love is strong"

Once Sumit and Jenny were reunited and said things, Jenny didn’t have time in India anymore. The couple therefore had a very emotional goodbye, with Sumit feeling completely helpless and powerless.

“If you want to be with me and you really want us to be together, take care of things … Please don’t let me go or it will never be the same again,” Jenny Sumit pleaded in tears.

“Please try to do something for us and fix everything and fix everything. Broken hearts kill people – you know that? My heart will be torn from my chest.”

Sumit cried about how he was to blame and it was his fault that he lost the love of his life, but Jenny apparently felt different.

“I had the best six months of my life, and I don’t want anyone to think I made the biggest mistake of my life because he made me happy – and I wasn’t happy before,” Jenny complained.

“He’s a good guy … it’s not his fault. It’s just … in Indian culture, he can’t go against his parents. Only everyone believes we love each other because it’s true! It’s true! , where, where. We don’t lie to anyone. “

During the Tell-All special for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, which was broadcast at the end of last month, Jenny revealed that it was difficult to be back in the United States because she was supposed to be with her husband in India. At the time, Jenny lived with her daughter Christina.

Sumit called via video chat from a hotel room in Delhi, and he said his family and wife knew he would talk to Jenny that day.

Jenny said that Sumit should have told her that he was married, but that she loved him so much that she probably would have stayed with him.

Sumit explained that he had signed up for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, so that he could scream from the rooftops that he was and loved Jenny, because his parents didn’t listen to him or didn’t care. gifts.

Sumit hoped to use the show as a way to get out of his marriage.

“I was never in love with my wife,” confessed Sumit, adding that all he and his wife did was fight.

When Sumit was asked if he had intimate relationships with both Jenny and his wife at home, “No, not at the time.”

Jenny believed Sumit’s claim, and then Tell-All host Shaun Robinson asked Sumit why he didn’t demand a divorce from his wife, because he was supposedly in love with someone else.

Sumit insisted that he had asked his wife for divorce several times, but his family was against the idea and got involved.

However, Sumit later revealed that his wife had finally filed a lawsuit against him, so their divorce was pending. That is why Jenny thought she would be with Sumit someday.

“I plan to go back to India. That’s the plan,” Jenny shared on the Tell-All.

Sumit said that if his divorce went peacefully, Jenny should not be in danger when she finally returns to India.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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