90 Day Fiancé: Darcey Silva Gets Back at Jesse

90 Day Fiancé: Darcey Silva Gets Back at Jesse

90 Day Fiancé: spoilers discover that they have been a few crazy months for everyone and even the stars of the show have begun to feel it. Darcey Silva is one of them. Darcey Silva and her sister, Stacey Silva, have just announced that they will have their TLC show this August. Fans are really excited to see another side of their lives and even her ex-boyfriends had something to say about it. Maybe it wasn’t all good, but Darcey Silva is hitting even harder with her new body.

On Instagram last week, Jesse Meester slammed into Darcey and Stacey’s new show. Then he told fans that she owed him money and that maybe he’d finally get it back after all this time. Darcey Silva didn’t let that bother her, though. She posted a very smoky photo on her Instagram account with the caption “Darcey’s Body of Vengeance”. Then she said, “Fall in love with you… visualize your highest self! Mind, body and soul.”

90 Day Fiancé: Darcey Silva Gets Back at Jesse

Darcey Silva’s fans responded quickly to his photo. One of them wrote: “You’re so beautiful! Tom and Jesse who?” Another one said, “Yes, girl! Another one wrote, “Wow! You look great!” Her fans are so happy to see her loving life and taking care of her needs for once instead of a man.

Master didn’t like Darcey Silva getting her own show and maybe he thought he’d get one. He posted, “All she had to do was use, abuse and manipulate five men to get what she wanted from the network. Ethics, TLC? She still owes me money. Maybe now she can finally pay me back. I’ve been a sugar daddy to her too long for her to get help.”

We are very happy that Darcey and Stacey Silva are getting their own show and the fans have given them a lot of praise since the show was announced. They’ve also received a lot of negative feedback about the announcement. Some fans wrote: “I thought 2020 was bad enough already!” Another wrote, “All Darley is going to do is cry and complain about her sister being engaged and she’s not.” Another wrote, “I don’t understand why they need a spin-off.

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  1. Neurotic Mommy who is always crying on her kids shoulders. Vain Darcey who has to throw her boobs into everyone’s face. Grow up. You wonder why men keep leaving you? Well for starters all you can think about is getting married. Oops! Can’t let Sister win. I hate watching the mess you are in every scene. Granted your choices in men stink. But try acting normal instead of trying to make every scene “The Darcey Show”. And I have big boobs!

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