90 Day Fiancé: Darcey Stays Positive as Tom Brooks Drama Continues

90 Day Fiancé: Darcey Stays Positive as Tom Brooks Drama Continues

90 Day Fiancé veteran Darcey Silva maintains a positive attitude as the drama between her and Tom Brooks continues. The TLC celebrity has recently shared some power positions, some of them apparently against her ex-boyfriend. While many find Darcey Silva’s positivity impressive, some don’t buy it. Tom Brooks’ mom, Jaynie, sounds like one of them.

90 Day Fiancé: Darcey Stays Positive as Tom Brooks Drama Continues

Since Darcey’s return, 90 Day Fiancé Fiance has portrayed a stronger version of herself. The mother of two children regularly talks about being “strong Silva” after her bad breakup with Tom Brooks. This is very different from what viewers have seen in previous seasons of the show.

Darcey Silva has always been perceived as an emotional wreck when it comes to love. In fact, a lot of memes have made fun of his “ugly crying face” every episode of “90 Day Fiance”.

But now it looks like Darcey Silva won’t shed a tear for Tom Brooks anymore. In a recent post, she said that “big girls don’t cry”, obviously referring to themselves. Darcey Silva also reiterated that there are “bigger and better things to focus on” than worrying about the past.

As expected, Darcey’s last post drew mixed responses online. Many praised the 90 Day Fiance celeb for showing self-love and standing up to Tom Brooks. However, there were also those who think she’s only doing it to make it look like she’s the victim.

Interestingly, it seems that Jaynie, Tom Brooks’ mother, is one of those who doesn’t buy the latest Darcey Silva posts. The London mother seems to have taken a shot at her. Jaynie bluntly told Darcey to “stop crying”, apparently referring to her many moments of crying during the show. It’s unclear whether Jaynie is serious or sarcastic in her comment.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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