90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg Is Pregnant Again

90 Day Fiancé Update: Are Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee still together?

It was hard to watch Deavan Clegg on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way. The 22-year-old single mother became pregnant shortly after meeting Jihoon Lee. They ended up with an instant family and the opportunity to participate in reality TV. Although I am sure they were enthusiastic about the other person (i.e., the potential Instagram money), the first one brings a lot of stress and work.

Fans have watched Deavan and Jihoon struggle with their lack of resources and her move to South Korea. They were supposed to live in their own house, but instead they went to his parents’ place, where Jihoon had to sleep on the floor. Hopefully the family of four has moved in the meantime. Especially since they are about to become a family of five. Life goes fast, right?

Reality TV World reported Deavan’s pregnancy after screenshots of messages in a private Facebook group were made public.

In the post Deavan wrote: “So I am currently pregnant and do not have health insurance in Korea and I do not know where to start or what to do.” Deavan Clegg gave birth to her son in America in April. They then waited a few weeks before moving to South Korea.

Deavan Clegg shared: “I just found out that my insurance is not international.” Ummm duh.

Deavan Clegg admitted, “I also don’t know how much it would cost to have a child here. And I am starting to think that this will make me go back to my homeland.” Oh, boy. The word “unprepared” would be a considerable understatement here.

Deavan Clegg has shared that information with people in a group in which she was posted earlier. She did not expect the information to become public, which she raised in a recent Instagram story.

Deavan Clegg told her Instagram followers: “I was in a private Facebook group in Korea with only Korean people, so it’s sad to see my personal things leak if it’s a group I went to for advice about life only shows that you can’t even trust people, even if it’s not in your home country. “What does that last part mean? Newsflash: there are people you can’t trust in almost every country. There are shady places everywhere characters, girl.

Deavan Clegg added, “Please stop me out of respect and ask me not to talk about it. I trusted this group and it was my safe place for a long time. “

The reality star revealed: “I need time and I didn’t even tell the family because of how early it is, so stop telling me about this topic # 90dayfiance # 90dayfiancetheotherway.”

This was clearly Deavan’s private company. Nobody should have leaked the news, but if she really wanted privacy: 1. go to a reality show and 2. post in a Facebook group full of strangers is not the way to achieve that.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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