90 Day Fiance: Does Tom Brooks Have a New Girlfriend?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Darcey Silva Breaks Tom Brooks’ Waiting Game
90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Darcey Silva Breaks Tom Brooks’ Waiting Game

90 Day Fiancé stars Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva do not seem to come face to face when it comes to affection and intimacy. In fact, it seems that their relationship is now on the rocks and some fans suspect that it will end.

A source recently claimed that Darcey Silva suspects Brooks of cheating – despite the couple filming a second season together. However, there are also rumors that Tom Brooks already has a new girlfriend.

Did Tom Brooks cheat on Darcey Silva?

HollywoodLife recently reported that a source close to the 90 Day Fiancé pair thinks Silva Brooks suspects cheating. Not only that, they also suggested that none of Silva’s friends regards Brooks as anything other than a fraud.

The source told HollywoodLife: “Darcey suspects that Tom has cheated her all season and that this is still a problem in their relationship. She thinks he has had several girlfriends on the side all the time. Countless girls report her on Instagram and tell her that Tom is cheating with them. “

They added: “Everyone in Darcey thinks Tom is a scammer. They think he wants to appear as this rich, jet-setting man, but he really isn’t like that at all. You can google him and nothing comes up, even his Instagram followers are fake. “

According to the same source, there was so much tension between Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva in Albania, because Stacey disapproves of Tom Brooks. Apparently Stacey thinks Darcey can do better when it comes to someone who will treat her well.

Is the couple filming a second season?

Although it is not entirely clear whether or not the 90 day fiance couple will appear together in a second season, the same source thinks it will be, and that there is a reason why it is being filmed so quickly.

“They will most likely separate and that is why producers have rushed next season’s production with their relationship. They have already started filming, “the source told HollywoodLife.

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans have expressed suspicions about Tom Brooks and his fake, so they may not be so upset to hear that there is a possible due date for this relationship. Since Brooks was caught faking Instagram photos to suggest that he leads a luxurious life, he has been out with his fans.

Is Tom Brooks already dating someone new?

90 Day Fiance: Does Tom Brooks Have a New Girlfriend?

The Instagram account fraudedbytlc has recently uploaded leaked images of Tom Brooks alongside a blonde beauty. This woman is the same Darcey Silva lookalike with whom Brooks was spotted in Milan, Italy.

Although it remains unclear whether or not Tom Brooks officially goes out with this woman, the fact that they have different photos together is a bit damned. Moreover, there is a photo of the same woman posing with Tom Brooks’ mother, which makes the belief that something is happening between the two even more believable.

Brooks has made it clear that he shares a special relationship with his mother, suggesting that he has specifically moved to London to take care of her. As far as fans know, based on the show, Darcey Silva did not meet Brooks’ mother – a little odd that she did not, but this woman did.

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