90 Day Fiancé: Ed Brown Sends Rose Vega Gifts Every Week

90 Day Fiancé: Ed Brown Sends Rose Vega Gifts Every Week

Ed Brown apparently has a lot of character – something that will help him adapt to the rest of the 90 Day Fiancé alumni. Ed Brown is a divorced professional photographer with an adult daughter.

Ed Brown met Rose Vega, from the Philippines, online. The new reality star is 54, and Rose Vega is 23 – a big age gap for the two. However, it looks like Ed Brown is the type who likes to spoil the ones he loves. In fact, since they’ve become intimate, he sends Rose Vega gifts every week.

As reported by Soap Dirt, Ed Brown confessed to spending over $5,000 on the gifts he bought for Rose. Ed Brown goes on to say that Rose lives in a remote part of the Philippines, and that he isn’t even sure whether or not one of the packages will eventually reach her.

Ed Brown’s family isn’t so sure of his decisions – he thinks Rose Vega might use Ed Brown for money and the green card. Also, Ed Brown has never met Rose Vega in person until now, and is already thinking about proposing to his young girlfriend.

90 Day Fiancé: Big Ed Brown Rubs Mayo Into His Hair

In an attempt to freshen up for Rose Vega, Ed Brown decided to take advantage of some beauty tips. The star of 90 Day Fiancé wants his marriage proposal to go well with Rose, so he wants to look a little younger.

To that end, Ed Brown smeared his hair with mayonnaise. In a teaser for next season, we see Brown take a spatula, dip it into a large jar of mayonnaise and spread it on his hair and scalp.

Confess: “Ever since I met Rose, I want to look young for her. So I dyed my hair, and it irritates my scalp.” So I found that mayonnaise makes it smoother and less dry. I am aware of my physical appearance because Rose is 31 years younger than me”. “I smell like an egg salad sandwich, but it really, really works. I just want to look young for Rose,” Brown explained.

It remains to be seen whether Brown’s attempts to look young will work with Rose. Fans can’t wait to dig deeper into the couple’s relationship.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. He sent her crappy gift boxes in the mail BEFORE he met her. She said she never got anything but panties once. He hasn’t given her didly squat. After getting “intimate” nothing but more panties and mouthwash with insults. If you ask me he got WAY more than he “paid” for. Even got her sister to babysit her “son” for FREE everytime he wanted to get “intimate”. Really hard to say that word after watching the show. I can’t stand him.

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