90 Day Fiancé: Ed Brown Trolls Rose with a Fake Social Media Account

90 Day Fiancé: Ed Brown Trolls Rose with a Fake Social Media Account

90 Day Fiancé spoilers find out that Ed Brown did some crazy things. First Ed Brown asked his girlfriend, Rose Vega, if he wanted to get tested for STDs. She wouldn’t open up about her past, and he thought this was the only way to get to know her better.

This led to a huge fight, and just when we thought things were getting better, he asked her to shave her legs, then he gave her some teeth to show her that she had horrible breath. And she’s been doing it all season. There’s something else he did. According to ScreenRant, Ed Brown opened a fake account on Instagram so he could check Rose’s accounts. We have more information on the story and also some photos of some Instagram investigators.

90 Day Fiancé: Ed Brown And Rose Vega Are Done

After seeing Rose’s Instagram Live, where Ed Brown called because she is a liar and just wants to be famous, we are 100% sure that these two are finished. That’s what we thought until Screen Rant reported that the Instagram investigators are working on it again and found the fake account of Ed who was trotting Rose.

There is an Instagram account, 90dayfiancémemeage, who were among the first to find Ed Brown’s fake account. Of course, fans of the show weren’t exactly sure this person was telling the truth. One fan asked how they knew it was Ed Brown, and they told him: “Besides talking to me in the first person as if it was Ed Brown looking at my post, a DM sent by a follower. This freak has no shame.”

90 Day Fiancé: Ed Brown Trolls Rose with a Fake Social Media Account

Another Instagram account, fraudedbytlc, has also published the fake account that Ed Brown is allegedly managing. Their post read: “Ed Brown would have been surprised with his alternative Instagram account to praise himself and destroy Rose. SENT BY A FOLLOWER. WOW. .

This loser doesn’t even try to hide what a pervert and scammer he is. See my last two posts for the comments Ed Brown left behind this fake account. Total loser. (Caption of my previous post about Ed Brown’s fake account) So I personally caught Ed praising himself and insulting Rose on every comment and post about a fake account @mejtonmcm.

After being captured he changed the profile image and part of the username to @roctonmcm and continues to use the account to praise himself and insult Rose. You can see the original name that someone commented on just before he changed it a bit to try to look like a different account.

If you look back through Ed Brown Instagram’s comments on any of his posts you will find hundreds of comments from the account when it was @mejtonmcm. What a loser!!!” This wasn’t the only post that fraudedbytlc put up. Another reading: “I can only smell her ulcer from your Instagram man. Damn Rose is a smelly girl.”

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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