90 Day Fiance: Eric Nichols Calls Out Larissa

90 Day Fiance: Eric Nichols Calls Out Larissa

Former 90 day fiance cast member Colt Johnson’s chiming in the gap between Eric Nichols and Larissa Dos Santos Lima. She dumped her rebound romance partner this week via a public Instagram message. Allegedly this was Eric blind. So, her ex spilled some tea on his side from the breakup and what he says are the lies of Larissa. Then Colt Johnson agreed and it seems to be Team Erickee for sure. View the latest news about Larissa’s most recent break-up. What Eric says is definitely not in line with Larissa’s side of things – and Colt seems to think her most recent friend is telling the truth.

90 Day Fiance: Eric Nichols Calls Out Larissa

In Larissa’s message, she claims that she tried to send Eric Nichols a text message, but when he didn’t reply, she published the public announcement. As far as Eric is concerned, he claims that she dumped him without prior notice without prior notice and it was his mother who called to tell him he had been dumped. Today Eric Nichols has offered some more details. And Colt Johnson quickly added two cents.

Eric spilled tea on his 90 Day Fiance ex-gal friend. He showed texts to support his side of the story. Then Eric said he and Larissa had planned a trip to go to Colorado to visit his family. He says he shared a photo of his flight information for the trip from Las Vegas to Colorado Springs, Colorado. He said she told him DMD that he had not invited her. But he also said that she had been talking about her IG for months about the journey they were making.

Then he said he was going to show his house to a future tenant and took a shower, Larissa publicly dumped him. His mother called to ask “are you okay” and he had no idea what she was talking about. Only then did he go to the post his mother spoke about. So, according to the version of Eric Nichols, Larissa invented some fictions and then threw him without warning for everyone. View the evidence provided by Eric below on this 90-day fiancé.

Colt Johnson is Team Eric on This Split

Regarding the ex-husband of the 90 Day Fiance wife, he clearly seems to be on Eric Nichols’s side here. Colt Johnson has re-shared Eric’s explanation of his side of the split. Then Colt added “the truth will set you free” and “Good luck, Eric” with a peace sign emoji. Colt undoubtedly believes that this also confirms him. Because repeatedly, the ex-husband of Larissa says she lied about him online. He also provided evidence at the time – such as when she said he had taken out her health insurance and some outlets reported this as truth.

Just like Eric Nichols, Colt Johnson quickly showed tangible evidence that Larissa lied about him. Now it looks like her latest ex has done the same. Showing evidence that Larissa was fiddling with him. So where do you land with Colt on Team Erickee? Does Eric’s hard evidence change your view of this breakup? This is all very strange considering that our leaker at 90 Day Fiance production said that Larissa was talking for a new season. So this split may mean it’s a failure …

90 Day Fiance Larissa Claps Back at Eric and Colt

Regarding the 90 Day Fiance ex, Larissa now shares contradictory texts on her Insta stories that she believes belong to Colt. One shows that Colt started following her again at IG. Another shows a message that he wishes her the best and that she insists that she remains single. But then another seems to let them squabble and he calls her a loser. This is not the first time Colt has called her – the last time it was about her green card.

One of the messages was dated midnight yesterday and shows that they are civilized. The other of them bicker seems older and has no date. You can check it yourself on her account. Meanwhile, Eric Nichols seems to be renting out his Vegas house and moving on. He placed pictures of himself in his car on the way to Los Angeles. His last photos show him hanging with a friend in Long Beach and caption “Donnneee!”

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