90 Day Fiancé: Erika Owens Stepped Up

90 Day Fiancé: Erika Owens Stepped Up

90 Day Fiancé: spoilers discover that the breakup between Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens has become very intense. Fans of the show cheered for them because they were the first same-sex couple in the history of TLC ’90 Day Fiancé. Online, they did great. They had a lot in common and loved adventure.

When Stephanie came to Australia, though, a lot of things changed. She focused a lot on her illness and suddenly the dates and adventures that Erika Owens brought her were not what Stephanie Matto wanted. It wasn’t the only thing that made them leave. Stephanie Matto couldn’t get over the fact that Erika’s close friends were much closer to her than she dreamed, and with her control issues, this was bound to fail. Nothing ever went right with these two, and we all wanted that.

90 Day Fiancé: Erika Owens Stepped Up

We are proud of Erika for coming out with her parents while Stephanie Matto was in Australia and after the breakup, her mother was a great support and comfort to her. We’re not sure if Erika Owens mentioned the explosive arguments they had, but we can only imagine what she’s going through.

The women met one last time to try to talk and find closure at their last fight. Stephanie Matto told the cameras that she couldn’t take the weeks of fighting anymore and that she had to end the relationship. “Now I’m just really confused,” she told the cameras.

Stephanie Matto got in touch with Erika Owens to see if they could talk again. “I texted Erika to see if she wanted to meet me, and luckily, she agreed. I don’t know if this relationship is salvageable, but I love her.” And I never meant to hurt her. I just hope she’s willing to listen to me.” The ladies sit in a cafe and it gets pretty awkward. “So, how’s it going?” Stephanie Matto asks her. “It’s not great. She said she wanted to talk, so, I guess, here we are.”

The moment is incredibly embarrassing when they sit there and look at each other. Erika Owens says to the cameras, “I drove three hours to talk to Steph again because she’s important to me. But I put my heart on the line for Steph. I came out to my parents. I was willing to risk so much for her. But she really hurt me, and I don’t know if I can go back.”

Stephanie Matto took some time to gather her thoughts and then she said, “So, this trip has had its good times, but of course it’s also had some not so good times. But if there’s a way to get out of here and we can’t leave on such a bad note, then I’d like to”.

Erika then said: “We’ve had a lot of excuses in the last couple of weeks, and it seems to me that it’s been really, simply, a real mess. It’s really hard to even think that we’re on good terms. I took a step that you wouldn’t even have taken. I came out to my parents because I thought something was gonna happen between us and you left me.

Then Stephanie Matto tries to explain her insecurities to Erika, but Erika doesn’t! “I don’t give a crap anymore, to be honest. I just want to forget that any of this ever happened. But unfortunately I can’t, because all my friends ask me. My parents ask me. So I have to talk about it.” Stephanie pulled out the pity card and said, “And I can go home and be angry and I can’t tell anyone why. I just bottled it. .”

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist


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  1. Erika l love seening u on the show and for what l see u are a very honest person. So don’t rush into any relationship yet because u will find someone who’s going to give u love, respect and understanding so enjoy life while u can and belive me u will find ur true love ….. take it easy…. Good luck young lady ..

  2. Bravo to Erika!
    Everyone has been in a relationship where the significant other is so insecure they find fault in everything, find reasons to destroy your friendships and isolate you from your loved ones, find ways to control every part of you. I don’t wish that on anyone, especially Erika.

    I think Steph got so fed up with guys needing physicality that she thought if she dates women, she can get away from sexuality. News flash, humans all crave physical touch to varying degrees. All this drama for a partner that won’t passionately kiss you!? Relocate across the globe when you can’t even have friends in Australia!? Insanity!

    Lastly, Stephanie roasts Erika for not knowing about a relationship years in the past, while she withholds a potentially terminal illness from Erika and Erika never so much raised a voice at her in return. I can keep typing all night about why I’m so glad this relationship is over.

    Erika deserves happiness and a partner that enjoys life and all that it has to offer. Stephanie should take the next year or more to reflect about her past, the way her insecurities effect everybody she encounters, and overcome the obstacles to become a happier, WHOLE Stephanie.

    Despite my grievances, I wish BOTH of you nothing but happiness and success in your lives going forward. Even challenges can be blessings. Good luck!!

  3. This storyline was a joke. Stephanie has made it clear since that she really didn’t have feelings for this woman and that she did all that to increase visibility of her YT channel. I seriously doubt she’s attracted to women at all and sadly the other girl’s emotions were toyed with. TLC has been furthering some ridiculous stories lately imo

  4. I personally think Stephanie is more mature than Erica and I don’t think Stephanie did anything wrong at all. She asked questions that needed to be asked. Erica’s friends bullied up on Stephanie and that in itself would have made it very trying & tense. Erica whines and has a miserable disposition towards Stephanie’s needs. They are not a good match at all. Good luck to both of you.

  5. I’m not a gay woman and I found Erica to be so charming and adorable cute and just plain fun. I’m sure she will be able to have her pick of relationships when she gets ready for another one. At this point she owns the world. The other one who’s name I won’t even say, what is it she is lacking, oh yes a personality! just one word to describe the other one blah. She needs to just stay in her room on her YouTube channel.

  6. Erica you will be fine maybe even with Stef…she has to come out now her parents are going to see the show. You can’t be mad she didn’t come out when u did. It was the right time for you but not her…what will be hard to get over is her trust issues but that would come in time…you would of proved to her you could be trusted. I believe you can be. Hate to see you two separate like this and for such childish reasons. Come on…from one straight woman that has see a lot of life…and I mean a lot 🥴

  7. Erika, I hope you and Stephanie can work out your differences, now that she came out to her Mother maybe she will be more into the relationship, whatever the outcome I hope you are both happy

  8. I feel like Stephanie likes to play one character behind a keyboard, another in person & another with her family. A social chameleon so to speak, in that she adapts to who she is with, to “impress”, “please” or “avoid judgement” depending on who she is interaction with. I really don’t think she knows who she is yet. I feel she actually has a lot of self reflection to do before she tries getting involved in another relationship again. It’s not fair to be playing with other people’s feelings & emotions, until you honestly know how you feel about yourself. Mayhaps counseling to work on her insecurities regarding her control issues. Talking about how to discuss working difficult conversations with her parents & family & possible ways to approach it when & if the time comes that she’s ready to have that talk with them.

  9. Erika my darling, don’t worry about the small stuff and with Stephanie, she’s all small stuff. You are beautiful and intelligent and honest and more and you deserve so much more than that phycho nutball Stephanie. You will meet the right one so don’t despair. If you are hurting over this, I am so sorry love and you will come to terms about this and see it with a clear vision. Wish you so much love and peace in your life. You are a wonderful person so don’t ever change. You are soooo perfect just as you are. Take care of you and to hell with the witchy woman.

  10. Erica, you’re beautiful, smart, have a fabulous sense of friendship. Keep that in mind. Stephanie. You’re fired. So controlling and jealous. You will remain lonely. Get a life

  11. I am a 62 year old grandma, and I hated how she treated you. I think you are so pretty and fun. You wait love will come your way. Don’t let anyone talk down to you, never. You have great parents also. Hang in there, Miss Right will come. Anyone would be lucky to have you.

  12. I must say as a straight mom I would be proud to have Erika as my daughter. She is such a strong, fun loving, honest beautiful soul. Her compassion and caring nature just follows her wherever she goes. She should be proud of herself. Stephaine lies to her from the start. This is not about not wanting to come out to her parents it’s about her pretending to be something she never was. She misled Erika from the start so this relationship was doomed from the very beginning. Stephanie’s tears were so fake and phony. I commend Erika and her parents. As for Stephanie yes you are sick and I feel bad for you but don’t use it as your pity card. Grow up, tell the truth and stop blaming others for your problems. You are a fake and a phony and the only thing your good at is playing the poor me game.

  13. If this relationship was portrayed truthfully ( which TLC rarely does ), Stepanie presented herself completely differently than in person. Her adult fb posts show the real her, nudes, scantily clad and posed. If her mother had no issues with these, why would she have an issues being bi? Stephanie just wanted more subscribers to her YT. She thought bad acting and using someone and claiming to be bi would get them.

  14. Erika you are a beautifull girl inside and out…you deserve the moon…plse plse dont settle for someone with so many issues like Stephanie…Im sure Stephanie just wanted to be on the show…hey anything ti be famous…stay away from her Erika…she will only pull you down to her level…we love you and pray you will find a true person who loves you….all the way from South Africa…🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

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