90 Day Fiance fans express disgust at Ashley’s behavior with the Bachelor boys

90 Day Fiance fans express disgust at Ashley’s behavior with the Bachelor boys

90 Day Fiance fans have become accustomed to Ashley Martson with juggling men forever. But this weekend they expressed their shock and disgust because it seems like Ashley went overboard a lot with the single men, Kamil Nicalek and Christian Estrada. Actually, TV shows Ace reported that at a certain point Ashley suggested that she go out with Christian. It never worked and this time, possibly in the dark, other men also played their game for her. In addition, fans think they seemed wasted in videos popping up online.

90 Day Fiance fans express disgust at Ashley’s behavior with the Bachelor boys

When Ashley videos appeared this weekend at a bachelor party, fans showed their disgust. In fact, some of the men who were there did, in a way. What often seems nice at night often ends in the morning. That may be why Christian Estrada and Kamil Nicalek seem so disrespectful the next day. The Blast said, “Ashley Martson posted a video of Nicalek by the pool this morning and he’s discussing his wild night of s * x.” That’s … was good! “He exclaimed while filming himself on Ashley’s phone.” I had her upside down in the shower, “he added. Although he does not say who he is talking about, it is not difficult to put the pieces together.

Some 90 Day Fiance fans agree that there is nothing wrong with hard partying, even being wasted a little. That’s until you don’t remember Ashley’s young 20-something, and her kids are old enough to see the videos shared on Instagram. Some were shared as stories, but at least three were caught by the @ 187anonymousgossip Instagram account. There, fans expressed their disgust about Ashley’s behavior.

The videos of Ashley – fans react with shock

The caption to the videos on IG reads: “It looks like Ashley just makes it on that journey 🚢 (Ashley is in black shorts and sandals) peeping how she didn’t even help that girl with the third clip (which I think it is Courtney) 👀🤣🤣 I would not like to party with Ashley … The boys are from the bachelor … “Well, the rather ominous videos are included in this article, but what the fans said really seemed like the” Trashley Nickname, some of them feel. This is what a few people said about it:

“It’s like watching someone in their 20’s being reckless embarrassing themselves but its like hey, she’s 20! But then you remember, she in her thirties, with kids. And lupus. And you’re like huh 🤔 cringy.”

“Look at her stories this morning, she does not regret the events that happened.”

“Remember what is on the Internet will stay for many many years. Her kids will see this someday. People deserve to have fun but this is embarrassing for her kids and family.”

“it’s the thirstiness with guys. Like.. she’s too old for this and needs some dignity esp as an example for her daughters! You can have fun and not be all over guys and letting them grab your head towards their crotch.”

But there were more after going out. The 90 Day Fiance alum seems totally unabashed on Christian Estrada and Kamil’s IG pages and speaks openly about it.

Ashley talks about coconuts, a train, and a rear-ender

Christian Estrada from Bachelor in Paradise shared a photo of himself on the beach and talked about coconuts. Ashley came in and said: “What about my coconuts? They fell right in your mouth 🥥🥥. “But Christian replied to the 90 Day Fiance alum:” I’m sure those coconuts were on @ kamiloo mouth. “No worries for Ashley, who came back with:” Oh sh * t! I could not remember it between you two 😛. “When Christian answered with three train emojis, Ashey replied:” It’s not like a Choo Choo train. “

But typical of boys who enjoy the night, he came back with: “bad news for you, this train ticket is too expensive for you.” Ashley just told him “to take it in my ass later.” , when Christain said, “LMFAO, the train left you too late.” Ashley replied: “@ estradac11 all aboard mother f * cker.” Disgusted fans came in and summarized it with: “@ ashleye_90 you are a trash can.” Meanwhile, on Kamil’s page, Ashley said, “Thanks for last night 😘.” His answer, “how does the wheelchair treat you?” that she was lame today, “said Christian.

90 Day Fiance fans express disgust at Ashley’s behavior with the Bachelor boys

What did you think of Ashley Martson in the videos and her follow-up conversations with the single men? Are you surprised that fans responded to her behavior in shock and disgust? Express your opinion in the comments below.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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