90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Star Ashley Martson Denies Rehab Stint

90-day couple Ashley Martson and Jay Smith had few good moments on the screen together, except for the times she visited him in Jamaica. After warnings from girlfriend Natalie, a Tinder profile after marriage and two divorced divorce applications, Ashley finally realized that vacation romance is not always a relationship with the real world.

The scenes currently on show at 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After went down before Ashley filed for divorce for the second time in April 2019. Last week’s episode was particularly tough as Ashley discovered that Jay had intimate relationships with a client at work. So who can blame her for taking a break? The question is, where did she go?

Ashley announced that she was going to a North Carolina wellness center on June 17 for a women’s retreat. This information started to make rounds on social media. Instead, internet users claimed that they were actually in the depression withdrawal clinic. Ashley was quick clarification, and Screenrant reported her statement.

She said: “I am taking the steps to improve myself and live a more peaceful life. I have many ways about me that need to change before I can be truly happy or maintain a happy relationship. I am struggling more than you will ever know. I wear a good face for people. “

Ashley revealed that she never received help after her terrifying ordeal at the age of 19. She said, “I was kidnapped and raped in 2005. I am always in combat or flight mode, I am always sharp and I have never been treated with it.”

It’s great that Ashley is finally dealing with her very dark past. Hopefully she can start making decisions that bring her happiness. Because right now Ashley is treating himself to a Caribbean vacation. The blonde bombshell posted a photo on her Instagram with the words: “Literally had the best week.”

As for Jay, he is currently illegal in the country. Ashley withdrew his Adjustment of Status application. Maybe he should be the one who travels back to the tropics.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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