90 Day Fiance: Is Deavan Clegg No Longer Popular On Social Media?

90 Day Fiance: Is Deavan Clegg No Longer Popular On Social Media?

90 Day Fiance Deavan Clegg is not happy with her current position on Instagram. Jihoon Lee’s ex-wife recently expressed her dismay at the drop in her views on the platform, which she finds unusual. Previously, Deavan Clegg took a break on social media amidst her endless controversies, including her messy feud against Jihoon. Now that she’s back, things haven’t been the same, at least according to IG’s figures.

Deavan Clegg isn’t happy with his Instagram numbers and blames the platform. The ’90 Day Fiance’ star expressed regret over his falling views, which he says is very unusual.

Jihoon Lee’s ex-wife recently took to her IG Stories and expressed her disappointment over her low view count. Deavan Clegg said that one of her recent posts received unexpectedly few views despite having previously garnered over one hundred thousand. He now accuses the platform of manipulation.

It seems that Deavan Clegg is not used to his IG posts getting little engagement from fans. This is quite understandable considering he has over half a million followers on the platform. However, many 90 Day Fiance fans pointed out that a person’s position on social media is not permanent, especially if they have not been as active as they used to be. Others argued that Deavan may not be as popular as he used to be.

Given that he no longer appears on the show, his presence is now limited to social networks. In addition, the controversies he has been embroiled in may have put him in a bad light, which is likely to have led to a decline in his popularity.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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