90 Day Fiancé: Is Tom Brooks cheating on Silva?

90 Day Fiancé: Is Tom Brooks cheating on Silva?

90 day fiancé couple Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva look like they’re on the brink. Darcey Silva seems to want an emotional attachment that Tom Brooks cannot offer. In fact, a source claiming to be close to the couple claims that Silva suspects Brooks is cheating on her.

To make matters worse, it seems that Brooks’ ex-girlfriend, Roucelle, agrees that he may not be suitable for this relationship. This is what Roucelle had to say and what we know about her relationship with Brooks.

Is Tom Brooks cheating on Darcey Silva?

Fans have been feeling Tom Brooks suspicious since he came out on Instagram as a faker. The 90 day fiancé couple was called to steal the luxury lifestyle photos of other Instagram users and make them continue as his.

Not only that, but the self-proclaimed gentleman was spotted with another blonde at a fashion event in Milan – fans thought she was something of a Darcey Silva look-alike. Although Brooks says she was just his dance partner, fans aren’t that sure. And according to a source that has chatted with HollywoodLife, Darcey Silva is not.

“Darcey suspects that Tom has cheated her all season and that this is still a problem in their relationship. She thinks he has had several friends on the side all the time. Countless girls reported her on Instagram and told her that Tom was fake play with them, “the source told HollywoodLife.

The source further claimed that the real reason for the tension between Stacey Silva and Darcey Silva in Albania was disapproval of Brooks.

“The show has never given a reason why Darcey let Tom go to Albania instead of Tom’s idea of ​​surprising her in the Canary Islands. The real reason for the change of destination was because Darcey had just the other women was discovered and upset, “the source continued.” This also explains why there was more tension in everyone than usual. Normally Darcey and her [twin] sister get along, but in that episode they agreed. The production looked like [her sister] Stacey was angry with Darcey, but didn’t give much insight as to why. It’s really because she wants Darcey to be treated better, “the source claimed.

What did Roucelle think?

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During an episode of 90 Day Fiancé, fans were introduced to the friend and ex-girlfriend of Tom Brooks, Roucelle. During the episode, we learned that Roucelle does not necessarily have the feeling that Brooks is ready or able to enter into a relationship.

“Tom told me he met someone, but Tom hasn’t actually shared much with me about Darcey,” Roucelle told the cameras. “I know he wants to find love and he wants to be happy, but he likes to be a bit of a player. So I’m a little wary, but I’m intrigued. “

Roucelle also said, “I don’t think Tom is ready for a committed relationship,” she says in a confessional. “He wants to be ready, and those are two different things. I sincerely want Tom to find love and happiness, but deep down he is emotionally unable to give that to anyone, let alone Darcey. I only wish he had been honest about it. “

Who is Roucelle?

According to Brooks, he and Roucelle went out in the past. During the episode with Roucelle, Tom Brooks told Silva: ‘Roucelle has been a friend for about five years, but then I dated her. You know when you have a short date and then it’s “Ah, no, we’re just going to be good friends” – we may have dated three or four months. “

The 90 Day Fiancé star also said about Roucelle: “Roucelle means a lot to me. She is one of the few people who really knows me. You know, the Tom who likes to party. And there’s nothing wrong with talking to her. She will say it as it is. “

Meanwhile, TV Season Spoilers disputes whether Tom Brooks claims about his relationship with Roucelle are real. “Roucelle and Tom never went out. They only knew each other for about a year and had lunch together. But during the show, Tom claimed that he had known Roucelle for more than 5 years. They were friends first and then they started dating. He described his situation as two friends dating and then realized that they were better off than friends. We can, however, see how insecure and overly dramatic Darcey is about her relationship with Tom, “the outlet said.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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