90 Day Fiancé: Juliana Was Asked if She Was a Prostitute During Her Visa Interview

90 Day Fiancé: Juliana Was Asked if She Was a Prostitute During Her Visa Interview

Juliana Custodio, star of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé, is currently looking forward to an uncertain future with her fiancée Michael Jessen in the show. The TLC description for tonight’s show of the show reveals that “interview allegations may not be able to bring Juliana to the US”, so fans may wonder what is happening with the reality star today and what happened during her visa interview.

Michael, met Juliana, while partying together on a yacht in Croatia. Michael felt like he and Juliana were “kindred spirits,” and the two soon fell in love. Shortly thereafter, Juliana applied for a tourist visa, but he was refused, so Michael proposed the Brazilian model so that they could apply for the K1 visa.

Previous promotions for season 7 included clips from Juliana in which they discussed the interview and why it went bad, as well as Michael’s frustration with the situation. This is what we know about Juliana’s visa interview and current status in the US:

Juliana Was Asked if She Was a Prostitute During Her Visa Interview

According to the New York Post, the reality couple have had problems with Juliana’s visa for some time. During their two-year relationship, both reality stars were not given a tourist visa and Juliana was reportedly asked if she was a prostitute during one of the interviews, which Michael quickly denied.

“We were asked during the Juliana visa interview in Rio de Janeiro if she had worked as a prostitute for the past 10 years,” said Michael de Post. “And of course the answer was no. She is not a prostitute! “

In a promo clip, which can be seen above, the two discuss the interview, which according to Juliana was disappointing and offensive. “The visa interview was bad,” she tells the cameras in the trailer above (at 1:29). “They asked me if I had worked as a prostitute for the past ten years.”

Another clip shows how Michael Juliana fiercely defends and asks if that makes him ‘her pimp’, whether she really was an escort.

Michael Claims he is Not Juliana’s Sugar Daddy

90 Day Fiancé: Juliana Was Asked if She Was a Prostitute During Her Visa Interview

Although we are only two episodes in season 7, there is already a lot of speculation that Juliana uses Michael for his money, and that the reality star is her ‘sugar uncle’. Michael admitted during the premiere episode that he is helping Juliana financially as she tries to start her modeling career.

“As she works to get her modeling career off the ground, I am here to help her as much as possible,” Michael tells the cameras during a confessional. “So I gave Juliana access to my credit cards.” He adds, “The K1 visa was really the only option to get her to the states. I am determined to marry her and spend the rest of my life with her … it’s probably the biggest risk that I have ever taken in my life. “

Michael is apparently very aware of how the age difference in his relationship with Juliana seems to the public. He recently told E! News that he knows it looks like a sugar daddy situation, but he claims that this is not the case.

“It never bothered me because I live in it, I understand,” Michael told E! News. “And if I could understand from the perspective of an outsider, there would be many judgments that people jump on and that doesn’t bother me. People are welcome to think, feel what they want. We are together, we love each other, it is very real. “

The Status of Her U.S. Visa is Unclear at This Time

Although the two are working hard to get Juliana approved for a K1 visa, it is clear that they still have a long way to go. As mentioned above, Juliana has already been denied a tourist visa and they are struggling to pass the K1 visa interview, so it is currently unclear whether Juliana has succeeded in getting an American visa.

However, there are clips from Juliana who visits Michael’s home in the US and spends time with his children in the trailer for season 7, so it is safe to assume that she will be approved for a type of visa before the end of the season.

Fans just have to tune into TLC on Sunday at 8 / 7c to catch new episodes of 90 Day Fiancé to see how the story of Michael and Juliana takes place. Also don’t forget to view this author’s profile for all your 90 day fiance reports and more!

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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