90 Day Fiance: Just Landed – Cole and Maria Met at a Bar

90 Day Fiance: Just Landed - Cole and Maria Met at a Bar

90 Day Fiance: Just Landed introduces new couple Cole (American) and Maria (from Colombia). Just Landed’ is a TLC 90 Day Fiance spin-off show that is only online. The show follows three new couples and focuses on the first few days after the foreign fiancé arrives in America. Although this is a common starting point in the flagship TLC series, the new spin-off focuses more on the days immediately after arrival. And it offers a deep insight into what those crucial days look like.

What do we know so far about Cole and Maria?

90 Day Fiance: Just Landed – Cole and Maria Met at a Bar

On Just Landed, Cole’s a cook. He met Maria in a bar after his shift ended. Working in the restaurant industry, he visits bars after work as a way to relax after the rut of a busy kitchen. He found Maria at a local watering place in South Carolina, but there was a problem. Cole had a long-term (9-year) relationship when he first saw Maria. Cole not only had a relationship, but he was also engaged.

90 Day Fiance: Just Landed cast member Maria is a 24 year old beauty from Colombia. She tells TLC cameras that Cole immediately caught her attention. And they spent the whole night flirting with their eyes. Cole admits he was engaged at the time. But he went ahead and got Maria’s number anyway. At the time, she was on a tourist visa from Bogota.

90 Day Fiance: Cole Keeps Engagement A Secret

Secrets are a big part of 90 Day Fiance, regardless of the spin-off. And that seems to be the case with this Just Landed couple. Cole kept his fiancée a secret. And that meant long-term problems. Especially when the bond between Maria and Cole grew. Maria reveals that she was in shock when she realized Cole had a girlfriend–

It turns out that the 90 Day Fiance Colombian beauty gave Cole an ultimatum. He had to choose between her and his nine-year-old girlfriend. Cole almost chose his girlfriend because of how long they’d been together. His girlfriend was practically part of his family. And the thought of waking that up gave him an absolute break. In the end, he chose Maria and they decided to move on.

Just Landed: What Happens Next?

Maria’s K-1 visa is approved and she moves in with Cole and his parents on Just Landed. That’s always a big adjustment for the fiancée who comes from another country. So it will be interesting to see how they adapt to their new living situation. His parents accepted his ex as one of their own. So that weighs heavily when Maria and Cole start their lives in America. Maria’s worried that Cole will like her twice as much as he did his ex. And there’s also the fact that his ex’s shadow still hangs over his family.

TLC chooses a different format with 90 Day Fiance: Just Landed. Most episodes of the franchise and the spin-offs are two hours long. But each of the Just Landed segments takes about 15 minutes. The episodes are also available in batches on TLC GO instead of weekly episodes. So it’s a slightly different format compared to what most 90 Day Fiance watchers are used to. The segments are shorter. But there are also fewer pairs. So for those who prefer binge, this format is ideal for it.

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