’90 Day Fiancé’: Laura Jallali makes claims about Aladin

'90 Day Fiancé': Laura Jallali makes claims about Aladin

90 day fiance-star Laura Jallali seems to be in Ecuador these days. Moreover, it sounds like the Canadian mother is single again. Laura’s ex-husband recently claimed via Facebook that Laura and Aladin Jallali had split up.

But those are not the only claims he makes. Laura Jallali’s ex-husband also explained that Laura was reportedly deported from the US and that she used to lie about her son.

Claims that Laura used to leech off of her son

In an attempt to defend his son, Liam, Laura Jallali’s former husband wrote a message on Facebook about serious tea about the 90 Day Fiancé star. Instagrammer John Yates posted a screenshot of the Facebook post.

Andre Leila, the ex-husband, partially wrote: ‘To everyone who says that Liam is stupid or disrespectful. Or has mental problems. You are stupid as s ***. First, Laura lived with Liam in Florida, earned the money and supported the household. So he doesn’t want any money from her because she is broke as f ***. “

“Another thing is that he was not rude to Aladin, cut by TLC and split to make it look like he was disrespectful so that all idiots could talk about it like that. Laura is already divorced from Aladin and lives in Ecuador for whatever reason. You cannot blame a child for loving his mother and looking for what is best for her. You do not know what he has experienced with all the red neck she has dated. Believe me, Laura is a crazy mess and Liam is a very sober intelligent child, “Leila continued.

If Leila is to be believed, then it is sad for Liam that he had to work to support his mother while she was with him in Florida.

Was Laura Jallali deported?

Leila has continued with other inflammatory claims about Laura Jallali. Leila even said that Jallali was deported from the US. Jallali has recently been seen in Ecuador, partying with no less than 90 Day Fiancé star Evelin Villegas.

However, if she was deported, it would shed another light on why she is still in Ecuador – maybe she just can’t return. According to Leila, Jallali was deported just before he left for Qatar. Maybe she went to Aladin in an attempt to find stability.

Leila wrote on Facebook: “She worked illegally in Florida and got a preggo with Liam 22 years ago, that’s how Liam is in Florida because he was born there. She’s Canadian, she was just deported from the US when she just left to be with [Aladin]. “

If what Leila says is true, Jallali’s stay in Ecuador may be somewhat more extensive than expected. Jallali is Canada, however, and returning to Canada is an option for her – although it currently seems like she doesn’t want to return.

Laura Jallali makes claims about Aladin

Meanwhile, Leila is not the only one who claims. It seems that Laura Jallali feels bitter about her divorce with Aladin Jallali. She claims he might be gay.

John Yates posted another series of screenshots that seemed to show that Laura Jallali was discussing Aladin Jallali with a friend. Laura wrote: “You know, I am sure Aladin likes men better. And I was a good cover for him. For his family. To show that he was not gay. But now that I connect all the points together … he loves men much more. “

Laura Jallali also claimed similar claims about Aladin’s sexuality in a separate case. “He told me that men in his work have sex in the shower,” Laura claimed. “And guess who has always had a shower at work, even though our house was 20 m away.”

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