90 Day Fiance: Mom Debbie Johnson Doesn’t Find Domestic Violence Jokes Amusing

90 Day Fiance: Mom Debbie Johnson Doesn’t Find Domestic Violence Jokes Amusing

90 Day Fiance mom Debbie Johnson exploded on Instagram this weekend – and it’s about Colt Johnson being abused by his wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima. In case you don’t remember, Larissa was convicted in court for domestic violence.

But if she follows legal orders, her permanent record will show a lesser indictment as a plea. But Debbie Johnson came out swinging after a follower said terrible things that uncovered the very serious problem of domestic violence against men. This is what happened.

90 Day Fiance: Mom Debbie Johnson Doesn’t Find Domestic Violence Jokes Amusing

This Insta drama began on Saturday with Colt Johnson’s mother Debbie Johnson, who was talking to fans about Pillow Talk. Debbie specifically named Angela Deem who crushed Michael Ilesanmi with cake. Some 90 Day Fiance viewers think that Angela is abusing Michael while beating him and threatening him in the past.

Then a 90 day fiancé agreed and Larissa said “you should have hit [Debbie] instead of Colt”. So, Debbie called her a “piece of human waste” and blocked the follower. She then shared a screenshot of the annoying remark and let them say about domestic violence against men.

In addition, the co-star of 90 Day Fiance also left some facts on Larissa’s three arrests for abuse of domestic violence. You may remember that the first charges dropped when Colt Johnson refused to appear in court because he felt bad for his wife. The second went the same way. The last one didn’t.

Debbie Drops Dime on Abuse She Witness Against Colt Johnson

The 90 Day Fiance mom didn’t find the comment funny at all and doesn’t like it when someone makes jokes about domestic violence. Debbie said “it is an epidemic” and adds “men must speak out”. That was something Colt refused to do in the first two arrests with his wife.

Men often allow the abuse to continue because they are embarrassed and do not want to be seen as victims, even though they are in the hands of their women who abuse it. A 90 day Fiance fan agreed and said she was “disappointed that Colt did not press the issue three times”.

Then someone else seemed to deny that the abuse was happening and Debbie Johnson clapped back hard. She said: “Excuse me. I was there. Don’t you dare tell me that I was wrong. “She added,” I saw it, the police saw it. “Then the 90 Day Fiance was worried that Mother emphasized that Larissa had been arrested 3 times. That’s THREE times for domestic violence.”

90 Day Fiance Reminder – Debbie Wanted Larrisa Jailed

When Larissa faced the trial for her last arrest against domestic violence, Debbie Johnson told Soap Dirt exclusively that she hoped her then-in-law daughter “would get everything she deserved.” And she made it clear that she wanted her in prison because she had beaten her son.

And it seems that time has not made this wound better. Colt Johnson’s 90 Day Fiance mother made it clear that she didn’t think Larissa’s sentence was loud enough. She received a community service order and had to participate in compulsory counseling for perpetrators of domestic violence.

So when someone popped up on Debbie’s Instagram and said she wanted Larissa to hit her instead of Colt, his mother blew up, clapped back, and then blocked her. And who can blame her for that? Nobody wants to see his child abused. And Debbie Johnson clearly stated that she saw how Larissa Colt hurt Johnson.

See more of Colt and Mama Debbie on Pillow Talk and come back with Soap Dirt to get your 90-day Fiance newsfix daily.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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