’90 Day Fiance’: Mursel Explains the Big Secret He’s Been Keeping About His Relationship With Anna

'90 Day Fiance' Mursel Explains the Big Secret He's Been Keeping About His Relationship With Anna

90 Day Fiance season 7 pair Anna and Mursel continued to face a language barrier and also a clear deal breaker in their relationship in the Sunday episode.

Anna and Mursel, both 38, met on Facebook and connected through their unusual professions – they are both beekeepers. Mursel, who lives in Turkey, flew to America to be with Anna, because she has three sons from a previous relationship. But immediately things are difficult between Mursel and Anna’s children, especially the oldest child of Anna, who is already a teenager. Aside from the fact that Mursel speaks English to a very limited extent, Mursel says he hates American pizza and doesn’t like video games, which clearly does not favor him with her children.

But it gets worse when Anna takes Mursel to meet her mother, who is wondering how Mursel will treat her daughter because of his Muslim belief and what she has read about Turkey on the internet. Mursel doesn’t drink and feels uncomfortable when Anna wants to order a beer, and then things get really cringe worthy when Anna’s mother asks him via the translator app if he wants to stone her daughter. Mursel is not surprisingly surprised and says that he would of course never stone Anna and that he actually intends to protect her and love her.

The lunch date gets worse as Anna’s mother brings up the elephant in the room – Mursel does not tell his family that Anna has three children from an earlier relationship. Anna’s middle child, who was present for lunch, did not know that Mursel was keeping the secret and remarks, “That is messed up.”

Mursel later tells cameras that he did not tell his parents about Anna’s children because he knows that they would not approve of their strict values – no children for marriage – and that he did not want anything to ruin his and Anna’s relationship. However, when Anna asks him if he wants to go back to Turkey when his parents find out, he honestly says to her “maybe” and she starts crying.

In a supertease of this 90 Day Fiance season, it seems that Mursel is going back to Turkey, while the two are both hugging and crying at the airport while Anna begs him: “Please don’t go.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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