90 Day Fiance: Ronald Talks to Daniel about Moving

90 Day Fiance: Ronald Talks to Daniel about Moving

90 Day Fiance celebrity Ronald Smith is desperate to have his children by his side. But forcing someone to live with him is another matter. The reality star is waiting for his spouse’s marriage to be confirmed so he can live with his family in the US. But, what happens if it’s rejected?

In the meantime, Ronald has a plan B and will make Tiffany Franco and her children move to South Africa. But Ronald Smith’s son Daniel doesn’t agree.

90 Day Fiance Ronald Talks to Daniel about Moving

On the official website of 90 Day Fiance, a video was released where fans saw Ronald Smith talking to his son Daniel via video call. In the video, Ronald makes both sides of the marriage vows clear to Daniel.

If approved, Ronald Smith will move to America and live with his family. If it is rejected, Tiffany and her children will move to South Africa. But this is Ronald’s plan. It seems that Daniel is not very happy with all the plans to move. Fans saw Daniel immediately reject his father’s plan B. But the move is not exactly a plan B for Daniel.

Ronald Smith was curious why Daniel didn’t want to move to South Africa. Daniel then explained to his father that his family was not in South Africa.

Besides, he would surely miss living in America if he moved in with his father forever. The boy explained: “It’s not gonna be the same, you know?” Ronald still tried to convince Daniel, saying that “it’s a nice place” and he’d be fine if he moved there. But Daniel was adamant that he would not move to South Africa.

Daniel is clearly not ready to leave America. He is adamant in his decision, even after Ronald has pressed him too many times with different tactics. Daniel does not agree with his father’s Plan B. He still informed his father what would happen if the visa was cancelled. Daniel said: “if the visa is declined and you can’t come here, then we’re not; we can only go visit for like, 2 or 3 months, right?” But Ronald stuck to his guns that he and Tiffany would have to move if the visa was cancelled. Will Ronald force his decisions on Daniel?

90 Day Fiance star Ronald Smith knows that neither his wife nor his children want to move to South Africa. So what will he do if his visa is not approved? With each day the visa interview draws closer, Ronald fears for his future. He also wants to be prepared in advance.

The reality star also stated in an interview that he will no longer be able to keep his marriage if Tiffany refuses to come to South Africa. He explained: “I’m not going to keep doing this long-distance relationship thing.”

This clearly means that Ronald Smith is looking at a divorce in the future if he can’t be with his family. What’s more, he is keeping the focus on doing “everything in his power” to bring the children into his custody if the marriage breaks down. Ronald Smith has been without children for a very long time. And he doesn’t want to be separated from them anymore.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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