90 Day Fiancé: Rose Is Finished With Ed Brown

90 Day Fiancé: Rose Is Finished With Ed Brown

90 Day Fiancé: spoilers discover that Rosemarie Vega has released her YouTube channel. In her first video entitled Get To Know Me. She shows off her big smile and her funny personality. The video is very funny and it’s nice to see a new side of Rose. But it is not the only thing that is happening in her life right now. She recently told her fans that she is done with Ed Brown.

Rose took a lot from Ed Brown and most of it was a lot of lies. He lied from the beginning. He lied about his height, He lied about wanting to have kids. This is just the tip of the iceberg. In last Sunday’s episode, we saw them in Palawan on vacation. And he had just told Rose that he didn’t want kids and she wasn’t there when he woke up the next day.

90 Day Fiancé: Rose Is Finished With Ed Brown

Eventually Rose went back to the hotel and said she just needed some time to think. She sat down with him and started telling him all the things about their relationship that concerned her. She took her breath away, tested for STDs and shaved her legs. All those things she said really hurt her, but she stayed with him through it all.

“You always embarrass me and make me feel small. I think you don’t love me.” Rose then pointed out that Ed Brown knew she wanted two kids and she knew that was her dream. She told him many times before he met her and many times while he was in the Philippines. He always had the chance to tell her that he didn’t want children.

As these two are talking, Rose looks at Ed and tells him he’s done. His face is priceless and probably not how she thought his vacation would go. Ed says the reason she never told him is because she didn’t think she’d ever speak to him again. Well, she was right and now it might be too late to save their relationship.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. Big Ed Ha what is big about him? Has to be his mouth. He will never have a female in his life especially a young one that could be his daughter. Rose is a pretty girl and she is not stupid. He is a control freak I hope she drops him like a hot poker. She can find someone that Will respect her and be good to her. Keep looking around Rose you won’t have a problem finding someone on your own.

  2. Ed is immature and apparently a mama’s boy. He has no game with females despite photographing them regularly. He assumed he had all the power in the relationship. Seriously, would he have asked an American girl to take a STD test? He never thought Rose would kick him to the curb. Ed go home to your sheltered life in San Diego and try to date women not young enough to be your daughter.

  3. Omg, red flag was rose sister asking for money and she clearly knew about it cause rose did show signs of her being guilty why you guys on her side majority of guys get used look at Cesar he got used for money

  4. I think Ed is pretty much a pathetic fat piece of feces. No wonder no American women likes him. Not only his ugly hopeless appearance but his ugly arrogant narcissistic behavior. Karma is coming and hopefully it won’t comeback to your own beloved daughter. Whatsover you reap you will sow.

  5. Probably written by a Filipino. In most Filipino dialects, there is no difference between masculine and feminine pronouns. It’s easy for them to get mixed up when writing or speaking English.

  6. Rosemarie needs to pick a man closer to her age.And one that shows some manners in the way he treats a woman.

  7. Ed keep saying that the sister asked him for money how much money are we talking about 50 to 80 bucks is what he is holding her accountable for lol lol he is making it like she asked him for thousands and did he give it to her???

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