90 Day Fiancé: Rose Vega and Ed Brown Discuss Life After Show

90 Day Fiancé: Rose Vega and Ed Brown Discuss Life After Show

90 Day Fiancé: Spoilers finds out that Ed Brown has made a name for himself. In last week’s episode, he and Rose Vega, his girlfriend, sat down to talk about some issues that bothered them. One of them was about her sister and the other about the birth of a baby! Yes! Rose said she wants to have a family and she wants it with him. We got the scoop on what these two discussed during their holiday dinner.

News of Ed Brown humiliating Rose on national television spread rapidly. Rose also made a video on Instagram Live that reprimanded him. When Ed Brown gave Rose the mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush, the fans went crazy.

When she rushed to the bathroom, he kept saying “I love you”, but she kept saying “You’re ugly”. He couldn’t understand what she was saying. He got sick when they talked about it again and they’re trying to have a nice vacation after all. He decided he was going to take her to see the monkeys. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Not for Ed.

90 Day Fiancé: Rose Vega and Ed Brown Discuss Life After Show

When Ed Brown takes Rose Vega to see the monkeys, she loves it. Ed Brown makes the decision to carry food on his back, which was unwise, and they get a little violent with him. Will Ed ever learn? He decided it was time they went home and had a nice dinner at the hotel. She called them and asked them to arrange something romantic for them and they didn’t disappoint her.

The whole dinner was about how Ed Brown wanted to propose to Rose Vega. They start talking about his sister, Maria. He wanted to ask her if she knew her sister was asking her for money. Rose Vega said she didn’t know and she got very quiet when he explained everything to her. Rose Vega also said, “It hurts me because I think you don’t see my love.” Then she told the cameras she wants to hear her sister’s side of the story. Both agree that they will go and talk to her sister and that’s when other things start to come up.

Rose says to Ed Brown, “When we’re both honest, the relationship is good.” In a confessional, Rose tells the cameras that Maria is struggling with money right now. Then she says, “I love him and I want to be a wife to Ed.” Then Ed asks, “What do you want from this relationship? Rose says, “I think we both want to build a strong family with my son and two children with you.” Ed Brown says to the cameras: “Here I think we are in a good place and now she grows up with more children. I was thinking about getting a vasectomy and I don’t know how to tell her.” Uh-oh! Looks like Ed’s gonna have to tell her sooner or later.

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