90 Day Fiance star Aladin Jallali launched his travel company this month

90 Day Fiance star Aladin Jallali launched his travel company this month

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way ended in a disaster for Laura, who married and then divorced Aladin Jallali. Tunisia looked really fun and beautiful while still sharing her experiences there. Now, Aladin announced and promotes its new commercial adventure with MC Travel Tours. Many fans express interest in the tours, but some worry if it is safe to visit Tunisia.

90 Day Fiance star Aladin Jallali launched his travel company this month

TLC fans wondered what Aladin was planning after the show ended. Ace television programs reported that Laura went to Ecuador. Since then it faded into darkness. But, Aladin maintains a large number of followers since the end of the show. Actually, many of them like the look of Tunisia. Everyone shows a lot of interest in their new travel company that launched on November 10. And, it seems like a good deal, you can have a good time and fans can spend time working and getting to know Aladin.

The 90 Day Fiance star is not alone in the company. On its new website, MC Travel Tours notes that there is a Canadian connection. The site explains: “Our ideal team consists of three partners: a partnership between Tunisia and Canada.” They point out that the company employs “experienced guides” and a physical trainer from Qatar seems to be a partner. Possibly, the Canadian connection is your expert in marketing and business management.

How safe is Tunisia?

The travel agency announces all kinds of fun activities. Part of that includes spending time with Aladin. They assure potential clients that the 90 Day Fiance star is “even warmer, more fun and attractive in person than you saw on television.” But, some fans commented in their promotional posts that they are worried about how safe it is to visit Tunisia. As one fan commented: “But there is a high-risk travel warning from Canada. How do you associate and avoid the risks?” Another agreed and said: “The high-risk travel notice is very real, not to mention that many women have been victims of men in Tunisia. ”

A person who travels there often said: “the place is safe.” But, as 90 Day Fiance fans want to know, and Aladin never responded, we went to find out what we could do about it. Certainly, there seems to be some risk involved, according to a US travel notice in January of this year. The State Department website noted: “Events in Libya continue to affect the security situation along the border between Tunisia and Libya in areas such as Ras Jedir and Dehiba, along with the cities of Ben Guerdan and Medenine.” They also point out that people should avoid Western Mountains and Chaambi Mountain National Park. They talk about an increase in terrorism.

Other news about safety in Tunisia

The travel advice of the UK government was updated last month. They show the main areas to worry about extend along the western border with Algeria and the southern border with Libya. However, they also pointed out: “The Tunisian government has improved protection security in the main cities and tourist centers.” But once again, they warn people who are always vigilant and follow the advice of any tourism company they may be with. It is not ruled out that tourists from Western countries can end up as terrorist targets.

But if you want to take the tour with Aladin of 90 Day Fiance, it is probably one of the safest options instead of trying it alone. World Nomads notes that local tour operators know the customs. It is especially important when it comes to LGBTQ travelers. In addition, they can advise female visitors about acceptable dress and social behavior. Locals know the impact of dangerous incidents on their businesses. Therefore, they generally avoid known danger areas whenever possible.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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