90 Day Fiance star Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima has accused her ex-boyfriend Eric Nichols of harassing her.

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima has accused her ex-boyfriend Eric Nichols of harassing her.

Larissa filed a police report against Eric on 18 September, headed by harassment, and the case is currently being investigated, according to The Blast.

Larissa reportedly slammed Eric on Wednesday and revealed that she had taken legal action against him for harassing both her and her best friend, Carmen, with whom Larissa has been living together since her ex-husband Colt Johnson divorced.

90 day fiancé blogger John Yates says that Eric has publicly released private messages from Carmen.

Carmen apparently contacted Eric to end his behavior, and Larissa shared a screenshot of her message earlier this week.

When Carmen Eric texted, she apparently wrote: “People send me screenshots that you have about me and that call me” bad friend. ” I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I haven’t said a word about you yet … Take care of your own affairs like me with mine …

“It is a pity for you, be a f-cking man and move on. You have broke up with Larissa every day, I really do not understand where all that misery comes from, you must be happy that she finally accepts the fact it did not work “

Carmen is said to have also written to Eric: “I am not Larissa who takes your sh-t, if you bother me online or leak my private conversation with her, I will bring you to justice. This is a warning !!! You are blocked! so don’t waste your time responding to this. I never want to hear from you again. “

In response, Eric apparently posted a copy of Larissa’s report to the police and called it “pretty pretty small.”

“Larissa doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because she wants Eric to leave and not give him the publicity he is thirsty for,” a source told us Weekly about the case.

“Eric gave her number to other women, and they called and texted and tormented her non-stop, so she changed her number last week.”

Larissa also told the magazine of her breakup: “I’m done with men and men trying to exploit me.”

Larissa, who played in season 6 of 90 day fiancé and season 4 of 90-day fiancé: happily ever after? with Colt, her divorce from Eric announced on September 11 after eight months of dating.

Larissa insisted there were no harsh feelings, but Eric claimed he was shocked and blinded by Larissa’s announcement of their breakup on social media.

Eric then changed his Instagram bio to read: “Dumpingbyagirlon9 / 11? Via a message? My mother saw me 2 bubbles left?”

When one of Larissa’s followers responded to her post and asked why Eric claimed that she had dumped him through social media activities, she replied, “Is not truth and I will not talk about it anymore,” People said.

Larissa met Eric at Tinder and got involved with him just one month after Colt filed for divorce on January 11, the same day Larissa was accused of first-class household batteries after a heated argument with Colt at their home in Las Vegas.

(The arrest was her third in a one-year period).

Larissa initially revealed that she had a new boyfriend in February during a Q&A session with her Instagram followers, but she chose not to share his identity at that time, other than saying he was an “adult,” dreamy and “handsome” 26-year-old was.

They made their public debut at Larissa’s ‘divorce party’ in Vegas in March.

The divorce of Colt and Larissa was completed at the end of April.

And in May, Larissa accepted a deal to reduce her indictment of domestic violence as a result of her last arrest in January to a disorderly attitude in exchange for community service and a fine, E! News reported.

Almost immediately, Eric threw himself back in the spotlight by hanging around with Larissa’s ex-husband, Colt.

Larissa was reportedly ordered by a judge to serve 48 hours of community service and pay a fine of $ 345.

Larissa’s lawyer Adam M. Vander Heyden said in a media statement from E! News: “After negotiating with her immigration lawyer, these negotiations will not hamper her ability to acquire citizenship,” amid rumors that the case would result in her being deported back to Brazil.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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