90 Day Fiancé Stars David Murphey And Lana Taking A Break

90 Day Fiancé Stars David Murphey And Lana Taking A Break

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, fans will remember David Murphey and Lana who got engaged during the season finale. However, during the tell-all, David Murphey shares that he and Lana are not currently together. Their seven-year online relationship was pretty complicated. But, it looks like they’re taking a break.

90 Day Fiancé Stars David Murphey And Lana Taking A Break

The 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Tell-All 90 Days Tell-All we revealed a lot about the cast members of the last season. Among them is David Murphey, 60, who has been chatting online for seven years in Lana, 27, Ukraine. Although many believe Lana was David Murphey the catfish fisherman, she turns out to be the real deal. When they finally meet in Ukraine, he proposes to her and she says yes.

As reported by In Touch, fans are wondering what’s going on with TLC reality stars. David’s talking to the virtual tele-everything. He admits that he and Lana “aren’t together.” Even though you have accepted his proposal, David Murphey believes that you could take a break from their relationship. That was after Lana stopped answering his texts.

90 Day Fiancé: Lana And David And The White Picket Fence

On the 90 days of Fiancé: Before the 90 days Tell-All, David Murphey says a few weeks ago that Lana told him that all she wants is a “white picket fence” and a simple life with him. She loves the idea of traveling in an RV. This is David’s dream, but now, he thinks “they’re not together”. He says they haven’t spoken in six days. He says that doesn’t mean that one day they won’t be together. But, he points out that they’re not together now.

David Murphey gets angry when co-star Ed Brown comments that the Ukrainian woman only used men for money. Ed Brown says, “It’s a business. It’s a transaction.” He goes on to say he doesn’t understand how David could have let himself be tortured like this for seven years. Brown says he knows David loves Lana. He can see it. But, he was “swindled”.

David Murphey met Lana on a dating site abroad. And, apparently, it’s still on the website. He apologized for the fact that you’re still there. David Murphey says it’s very rare for one of these girls to leave the website. David Murphey admits to knowing hundreds of girls who got married through that dating site. He says they’re living in America right now. However, the star of TLC reality tv reality emphasizes that they do not leave the website instantly once they are married. They usually only leave when they leave the country.

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