‘90 Day Fiancé’ stars Emily, Sasha hope to avoid her becoming ex-wife no

‘90 Day Fiancé’ stars Emily, Sasha hope to avoid her becoming ex-wife no

With a new season of the popular reality series ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ by TLC that will premiere on Sunday, the world is introduced to the new batch of couples in the hope that fate will lead them to wedding bells.

After graduating, Emily moved to Russia to teach English. She planned to travel throughout Europe during her stay there. During a visit to the gym, however, Emily saw Sasha, an attractive fitness trainer. He trained her in the gym, she taught him in English and according to the network a romance followed.

It wasn’t long before Emily heard that Sasha was divorced twice and had a son from every marriage. Shortly thereafter, Emily became pregnant with Sasha’s third child and they are now planning to move to America as a family of three, but the tricky part will convince her family that she is not going to be an ex-wife number three.

Fox News talked to the couple about how they want to reverse Sasha’s preference for divorce and spoke to critics who might think the couple’s relationship didn’t stand a chance, despite the additional responsibility to raise a child.

“We met at the gym where Sasha worked in Volgograd, Russia,” Emily explained about their first meeting and added that she initially had doubts about Sasha when the personal trainer revealed his relationship history to her, especially the fact that he had children has with both of his exes.

“Our second walk together – when he told me of course, my first reaction was that he was a jerk, a woman or something,” she said. “He explained where his relationships went wrong in the past, and I understood. Our personalities fit really well together and he seemed sincere in his explanation, so I gave him a chance. “

The English teacher said that talking to Sasha’s family made her feel comfortable about the fitness maves after their stories seemed to match what Sasha told her about why his previous relationships had failed.

“I met his family and they confirmed what he told me about his exes,” she said. “That gave me peace of mind.”

Emily also talked about her family’s reaction in America to the fact that she had become pregnant in Russia. She explained that because Sasha’s family was so enthusiastic about the pregnancy, Emily could not agree with her family’s wish to return home.

“My family was happy, but they wanted me to come home immediately,” she recalled. “I knew I couldn’t let Sasha miss the birth of his child, so I stayed in Russia. My pregnancy was actually the first time Sasha’s family was happy to hear that his partner was pregnant.”

Emily also said that her and Sasha’s relationship is different from that of others, because “unlike some other couples, Sasha and I had a long-term relationship before we became pregnant and applied for the K1 [visa].” Emily added that the whole situation “is a stressor because we know we belong together and our family belongs together.”

When asked how the couple expects to avoid a fate similar to that of Sasha’s other exes, the couple said they keep open lines of communication and do not take anything too personal.

“We keep communication about our feelings open,” the couple said. “We don’t blow each other up when we are upset. That was a big problem in his other relationships. We also allow the other to follow his dreams and passions. We put the other first.”

Emily said she doesn’t care what her critics have to say about her relationship with Sasha and knows that the man she chose is in it for the right reasons.

“Sasha did not seek a relationship with me because he wanted to come to America. He had a very successful career in Volgograd and Moscow,” Emily said in defense of her husband. “He came with me because I asked.”

Sasha repeated Emily’s feeling and added that he is optimistic that his other two sons can join them in America.

“This is where I wanted to raise my family,” he said. “We also hope that my son’s brothers can come to us one day if they want to, or at least for the summers, and that we can all be together.”

“Sasha is doing this because I asked,” said Emily, double acting. “He never came to America for me.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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