90 Day Fiance Stars Julia and Brandon Take on Parenthood with Orphaned Baby Squirrels

90 Day Fiance Stars Julia and Brandon Take on Parenthood with Orphaned Baby Squirrels

Reality TV stars, Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs of 90 Day Fiance, are no strangers to taking care of animals. However, they recently faced a new challenge when they discovered a trio of orphaned baby squirrels outside their home. With no mother in sight, the couple decided to take the squirrels in and give them the care they needed.

According to Julia Trubkina, she noticed the baby squirrels outside her house and observed them for a few hours to see if their mother would come back. Unfortunately, the mother squirrel did not return, and so Julia took it upon herself to care for the babies.

After gathering the baby squirrels, Julia Trubkina brought them inside her home to keep them warm. She then attempted to contact animal control, but after receiving no response, she decided to care for the squirrels herself. Julia gathered some of her husband’s warm socks and placed the babies inside to keep them warm.

90 Day Fiance: Caring for the Baby Squirrels

Caring for the baby squirrels is a full-time job that requires feeding them replacement formula 5-6 times a day. Julia Trubkina gathered the necessary supplies, including animal formula and small syringes, to feed the squirrels. She had previously cared for kittens and puppies, but caring for squirrels was new to her. Nevertheless, she was determined to do her best.

Caring for three baby squirrels is a big job for any couple, but fortunately, Brandon Gibbs’ parents, Betty Gibbs and Ron Gibbs, have been on hand to help with the care. This support has undoubtedly made the task of caring for the baby squirrels more manageable for the couple.

90 Day Fiance: Animal Lovers

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs are known for their love of animals, with three dogs currently living in their home. Julia has even tried to convince Brandon that they need more animals. Her passion for caring for animals has made her a natural at the task, and caring for the baby squirrels is no exception.

90 Day Fiance: Baby Fever?

Some fans of 90 Day Fiance have speculated that caring for the baby squirrels may have given Julia Trubkina baby fever. Viewers have been eagerly awaiting news of a baby from the couple, and many believe they would make great parents. The experience of caring for the baby squirrels has given the couple a taste of parenthood, and if they do decide to have a baby, Brandon’s parents will undoubtedly be ready to lend a hand.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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