90 Day Fiancé: Stephanie Is Focused On Healing After Her Split From Erika

90 Day Fiancé: Stephanie Is Focused On Healing After Her Split From Erika

Stephanie’s love story with Erika Owens starred in this season’s 90 Day Fiance

From the beginning, something seemed to be wrong. While Stephanie Matto was nervous, Erika Owens expected more from her.

As long as they were in Australia, Erika Owens continued to express her frustration at wanting more, even intimacy, but Stephanie continued to hold back and continued to make excuses.

During Sunday’s episode, the two had a heated discussion because Stephanie Matto learned that Erika Owens had had a long-term relationship with another woman and had never spoken about it.

This came up during the conversation as Erika tried to open up to Stephanie Matto about the fact that she didn’t like keeping her secret, as Stephanie Matto has yet to tell her parents.

90 Day Fiancé: Stephanie Is Focused On Healing After Her Split From Erika

Both Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens were posted on Instagram for Sunday’s episode.

The two posts about the fight they had during the episode show that their approaches are very different.

Erika Owens posted a sweet picture of herself with the words “Pink Vibes Only”. She also shared her message quoting Lady Gaga.

Stephanie also shared a post on Instagram, revealing that she realizes that she is not the best at handling situations.

Stephanie Matto admitted that she is tired of people judging her and confirmed that she is looking for help to deal with her emotions and wild reactions.

“People who leave hatred know nothing and will never know. I assure you that the whole situation has been much more complex than you realize,” Stephanie begins her long statement on Instagram.

“I followed my instincts. I reacted TERRIBILY but I was under a ton of pressure. It was literally a pressure cooker of emotions. Again, I’m looking for help with the way I handle things. Stop trying to diagnose me. There are real doctors who can do that. You watched a highly edited footage on a reality TV show. You don’t have a PhD,” Stephanie Matto wrote.

Stephanie went on to explain that she understands that people have opinions about her, but they should keep their opinions to themselves.

She thanked people for watching her. Finally, she admitted that she apologized to Erika and her mother for everything that happened.

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  1. She’s faking it for big time she probably wanted more exposure to gain more followers or whatever the hell her motivation was or is. She and Yolanda are both bad actresses, not convincing enough and i did not buy their act. I have been watching TLC for too many years to fall for this bs… I know MOST of the DRAMA on the show is FAKE but some of them prompt me to go get a snack or use bathroom when their segments come up….

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