’90 Day Fiancé’: Sumit says family comes first

90-day fiance-star Sumit threw Jenny – and fans – for a loop with two recent revelations in the show. Sumit and Jenny are already in a challenging place. Jenny, who has been Sumit’s senior for 30 years, is not the ideal match of Sumit for their son. In fact, they completely rejected Jenny.

Now Sumit has revealed that he has a secret that he has kept and that is not fair to Jenny. And to make matters worse, at a recent meal with Jenny, her daughter and daughter-in-law, Sumit revealed that as a push he would drop Jenny.

Rejected by his parents

Sumit and Jenny first met on Facebook – where Sumit immediately lied to her. Sumit posed as a male model named Michael Jones online and communicated with Jenny through this persona. However, the 90-day fiancee soon fell in love and Sumit was forced to come clean. All the time Sumit was an Indian man who lived with his parents in Delhi and worked in a call center.

Jenny explained to the camera: “You know what you do for love is sometimes incredible. I think everyone has a right to happiness … I really didn’t think I’d find love again, to tell you the truth. “

Unfortunately, love was not enough for the parents of Sumit. They were not happy that their son had a wife who was 30 years older than he – older than Sumit’s mother, in fact. Sumit’s mother gave him an ultimatum, she or Jenny in the apartment, not both. Sumit moved because of this and found a new apartment with Jenny.

Sumit says family comes first

However, since then things have not gone smoothly for the 90-day fiance couple. Sumit recently left Jenny alone in their new apartment and claimed that he had to go back to his family to pretend he was moving to work – not to be with Jenny.

“He had to go back to his family’s house, so I’m just a little alone in the apartment now,” Jenny told her daughter during a video call.

During a recent episode, Jenny’s daughter and daughter-in-law came to visit her and Sumit in India, and they asked Sumit some intrusive questions.

“What are your plans for the long term, Sumit, with my mother?” Asked Jenny’s daughter, Christina.

“I want to spend my entire life with her. I really love her. For example, you can say that I usually only think of her when she is not here with me, even though she is in a different room. “Sumit said.

“If you feel that way, why do you go to your parents and leave her alone?” Christina asked. Sumit had no specific answer.

Sumit further said that he is planning a ring ceremony for himself and Jenny, which in spirit is similar to an engagement party. However, he revealed that he has no intention of anyone coming from his family.

“No one is coming. I thought I would tell my parents about it. But then there will be a big drama. It would make me emotional and then I would say,” Sorry Jenny, I can’t be with you. ” not, “Sumit revealed.

Jenny was just as shocked as Christina and her wife.

Sumit is keeping a secret

Sumit also revealed that he keeps a secret for Jenny that can hurt her. Although he has not yet revealed what it is, fans of course already speculate. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans at Reddit theorize that Sumit is already married or engaged in an arranged marriage.

A Reddit user wrote: “Well done for the arranged wedding. Would explain all trips to his parents. “

Another fan said: “It’s not his parents, he’s going to see that it’s his other wife.”

Hopefully Sumit will reveal his secret soon, and whatever it is, it doesn’t hurt Jenny.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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