90 Day Fiance: Syngin defends Tania from haters and trolls

90 Day Fiance Syngin defends Tania from haters and trolls

90 Day Fiance Season 7 has only broadcast a few episodes and Tania is already getting hatred and criticism of her social media. Even Evelin from Ecuador survived more than two episodes before he got too much hatred. So now we see a repeat of Eveline’s Corey Rathgeber, with Sygnin defending Tania against trolls and her season has only just begun.

90 Day Fiance: Tania got hate over rose petals at the airport

At first it seemed that if someone in this couple were to get hatred, this would be the South African Syngin. In the previews we finally saw how Tania was concerned with how he grew up under Apartheid. She claimed that he came up with some racist tendencies. Fans on Twitter, however, have denied that. One noted that he was four years old in the year that a black government came to power. In fact, he was never trained under the apartheid system. Plus, a fan noted that playing the racing card with the ’90s of South Africa’. Of course that can just be the spin TLC on it. But it appears that many fans such as Syngin on Instagram are fun and ‘cool’.

However, it appears that Tania is the one who has picked up hatred from 90 Day Fiance critics. It came after the episode in which she met Syngin at the airport. TV series Ace have reported on it. “It seems that the biggest drama so far revolves around Tania who is covered with rose petals at the airport. Fans hated that someone else was cleaning up behind her. Although she justified it on IG Stories, fans on her main page threw her for it. And now Syngin went to his Instagram stories to defend her.

Syngin defends Tania from haters and trolls

In his story Syngin wrote: “Hello everyone. I just feel that I have to say this. I see that Tania is under attack and many bad and ugly comments. “The 90 Day Fiance star added:” We as humans should not judge each other. “He also noted that fans don’t see the whole story. Well, that’s correct, but it has never prevented trolls from hating a large number of members in the past. Syngin added to his call for less hatred. He wrote : “She is a powerful woman and helped me a lot (sic).”

Syngin also noted that Tania also helps many ‘other people’. Then Syngin wrote: “Don’t forget that his TV and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes (sic).” He reminds fans that they take it into account don’t see everything, plus remember that editing is taking place. Finally he ended with: “Just love and live … Much love.” Well, trolls and hate come with the deal. Almost every member of the 90 Day Fiance cast was rounded up at one time or another. Although trolling is bad, nothing ever seems to stop it. Rebecca Parrot dealt very well with it. So maybe she could help Tania tackle the hatred.

90 Day Fiance: Syngin defends Tania from haters and trolls

Trolling on social media brings mental health danger

The Thrive Global website explains how dangerous trolls and social media affect mental health. They wrote: “Trolling … is a dangerous form of cyberbullying with devastating consequences for mental health. It has also become, if you have not noticed, a ruthless part of our political and popular culture.” acceptable, so, after Syngin’s call to fans to retire to Tania, maybe critics will hopefully stop and think twice before it causes heartache and pain to a cast member in a television show.

What do you think of Syngin to act to defend Tania against trolls after just a few episodes of the show? Express your opinion in the comments below.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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