90 Day Fiancé: The Current Drama On The TLC Show

90 Day Fiancé: The Current Drama On The TLC Show

Tiffany and Ronald are once again taking their personal feud public. Sure sounds like they might be breaking up. However, some fans think it’s just a coincidence that it’s happening now. After all, they did it before and even apologized for making it public.

However, what followed is that they were right as rain and full of sunshine. In the current “90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After?” filmed some time ago, the two of them have just given up the ghost. season, Tiffany Franco sets the scene. Can TLC fans expect another drama that goes nowhere?

Fans of 90 Day Fiance met the pair for the first time in Season 1 of The Other Way. Immediately painted as a criminal, allegedly addicted to gambling and facing theft charges, fans hated him.

Well, it turned out he pleaded guilty to the crime and paid a fine. We reported that called a guilty plea, no court is involved, it just stays on the register for a year before being expunged. In other words, whatever actually happened was not considered a terribly serious crime in South Africa. Furthermore, if the record is expunged, Ronald technically has no conviction in South Africa. In fact, even their lawyer thought they could get a visa.

Tiffany and Ronald revealed that he was in rehab for gambling addiction. So yes, it seems unlikely that this part of his story was overblown. However, the couple occasionally argue and announce the breakup. Then they get back together as if nothing had happened. So critics suspect that much of their drama is fabricated. This time it also seems possible. After all, it all fits in very nicely with the current season of Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiancé: The Current Drama On The TLC Show

Tiffany and Ronald will be on TLC’s “TLC” on 23 May. InTouch Weekly reminds readers that Tiffany is on the warpath. Accusing Ronald of waiting for her to pack up and move to South Africa if her visa fails, she won’t consider it.

Allegedly in secret, he tells his sister he feels unhappy. In addition, she hates that he is only temporarily employed as a motorcycle mechanic. Well, with the state constantly re-imposing the lockout, most people out there now can’t expect a long-term contract.

When fans see Tiffany and Ronald having these problems on the show, surely a little thought can lead to this fact: talking about secrets on a show her husband watches seems like a waste of time. After all, how long will it remain a secret?

Well, scripted drama or not, their feud is playing out again on social media. This is despite them telling fans that they will keep such things private from now on. Several Instagram accounts revealed that he recently deleted her followers.

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