90 Day Fiance The Other Way – Did Jenny Slatten Plot with Sumit and TLC

90 Day Fiance The Other Way – Did Jenny Slatten Plot with Sumit and TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast member Sumit recently revealed his big secret to Jenny Slatten during the last episode of the TLC show. Based on leaks and other information circulating online, it may not have been a big secret. 90 Day Fiance viewers tuning in to the show know that this couple has been together for seven years. But there seem to be many inconsistencies regarding the timeline of their relationship and the timeline of the show. What is the most recent?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – Did Jenny Slatten Plot with Sumit and TLC?

90 Day Fiance teaser clips reveal Jenny Slatten crying after discovering Sumit’s “secret.” But there is doubt about whether her tears are real or only for TLC cameras. A 90-day fiancé insider recently told Soap Dirt that Jenny Slatten knew that Sumit was getting married. And yet, spoiler clips show the American woman breaking off the news.

In addition, an online user who claimed to be Jenny Slatten’s cousin said she knew he was married all the time. If she knew from the beginning, the entire secret disclosure plan would certainly seem suspicious. There was a lot of hype in the run-up to Sumit who admitted that he got married. Has the couple worked with TLC to promote this storyline and mislead viewers?

90 Day Fiance Update: Jenny Slatten Met Sumit’s Mother?

The entire storyline of Sumit and Jenny on The Other Way revolves around the Indian 90 Day Fiance and hides his American love from his parents. Sumit is torn between his love for Jenny and the expectations that his parents have. But a photo that makes the rounds online makes Jenny Slatten smile with Sumit’s mother. Interestingly, the photo comes from 2013.

Based on the photo, it seems that Jenny Slatten was not such a secret. Among the old photo and leaks that Jenny knew Sumit was married to, many 90 Day Fiance viewers call the couple and the network for fraud. Many viewers have been playing for this couple the entire season. And the idea that they could be the newest to come up with a scam is not right.

Did Jenny Try to Cash In on the Catfish?

90 Day Fiance viewers know that the couple’s relationship started as a catfishing scam. Sumit finally came clean for Jenny Slatten after developing feelings for the American woman. And based on a recent leak, it seems that Jenny was trying to turn that scam into money with catfishing.

It appears that before 90 Day Fiance Jenny Slatten tried to sell her story with Summit to MTV’s Catfish. Certainly, it seemed that she was trying to make a profit in the past. And in view of this, many 90 Day Fiance followers think they might not be so innocent. Was TLC the next logical network to sell their story after MTV was saved? Anyway, this definitely adds more fuel to the fraud claims.

Interestingly enough, Jenny responded to the recent leak. She said it was “too much” and asked the tea makers to “stop”. But it seems that it is a bit late now that the cat is out of the bag.

What Happens Now?

At the moment it is not certain how deep the potential fraud will go. But with everything that comes to the Tell-All now, it doesn’t look good for Jenny and Sumit. If it was true that she knew about Sumit from the beginning, the whole line of approach to her discovery could be a fraud – including the tears she shed into The Other Way spoiler clips.

Meanwhile, Jenny Slatten continues to post photos with Sumit on Instagram. In addition, she encourages viewers to watch the show. She has not directly addressed anything about their current relationship status and seems to be skipping past fan questions. It is possible that Jenny is reluctant to prevent her from breaking the confidentiality agreement she has signed. But the chatter among 90 Day Fiance followers has only increased since Sumit’s great unveiling.

Moreover, a TLC fan recently saw Jenny back in America without her foreign lover. This led many to wonder where Sumit is and why he was not with her. Certainly, there is no way to say with certainty how deep this potential fraud is. But at the moment there are many more questions than answers when it comes to this duo.

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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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  1. Wny lie to your viewers, you seem to put doubt in everyone head about Sumit and Jenny. YOu know nothing except build lies and gossip..YOu know nothing about their story.

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